Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Word To The Wise: Ironing

So I was looking for our iron after the move, and all I found was the board. Well, that's not much use. Then it occured to me...the answer was right next to me! My hair straightener! Why lug out a heavy iron and ironing board when you can just run your flat iron along your seams? Brilliant? Yes, I thought so too. :)


thepreppyprincess said...

You know what? One of the bigger fashion mags said to do *just that* recently. I just can't remember which one, but it was in a story about how to pack lighter for traveling and using things for multiple purposes, etc.
Love the blog! :-)

Emily said...

Wow no way! I had no idea! That's pretty cool, though I swear I had never heard of it before!