Friday, November 21, 2008

And While We're On The Topic...

Yes, Monday is my birthday! How kind of you to remember! What's that? What do I want? Well, besides world peace...hmmm how about...well I'm undecided, actually. But I'm going shopping in the US tomorrow with my dad and sister (unfortunatly I have to go to work at 5 though) so it should be a fun day.

By the way, this is the cake I want for my birthday. Oh, yes.

or this one (won't let me copy)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winter Formal and Nordstrom

Not quite sure if I have ever talked about Nordstrom before, but the fact is that it is just tops! Did I just say "tops"? Yes, yes I did. Never having been to the actual store before (residing in Ontario, Canada), I can only judge by what I see online, but they have the best dress selection in all of the internet shopping world as far as I can tell. Not to say that Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus don't have a stunning array of dresses, but as someone who isn't willing to spend over $1000 on a dress for a high school dance, this is just as good. As you may notice, my choice for dresses for this year's Winter Formal (which I must tell you now, is a very important social event) is partial towards shorter, nonfussy, minidresses, and many have bows. The worst part of shopping for me, and perhaps you as well, is the choosing! If only I could get them all. Now for the famous My Preppy Pink Polo commentary:

Two-toned velvet dress with a soft bubble hem and a little black bow (so adorable!)
Love the colour and style of this dress: it seems sexy and sweet at the same time (nothing wrong with showing a little leg!) And, of course, the bow doesn't do it wrong either.
Not sure that the colour is me, but I do love the lace detailing and one shoulder strap complete with bow....seems like a present begging to be unwrapped!
A lovely shape and cut, this dress only makes me wonder if the flower print is too...something....however, it does grab attention with the contrast of silky black and salmon!
As I do not currently own a Little Black Dress (*gasp*) this might just be the perfect one for me. Looks as if it would be very flattering on my petite and a tad boyish frame.
Perfect length (nothing like a little leg!) perfect little bow, I've never been crazy about bubble hems, but, then again, I've never tried one on! This might be a perfect little package...especially so close to Christmas...
Another gorgeous LBD...except this one has a bow! Oh decisions, decisions!
Quite cute two-toned dress with curve-hugging waist and cheeky little tie at the top. Not sure this would compliment my pale skin-tone, however it looks lovely on the model.

Don't forget to keep checking back (I know I've been sort of busy!) because my birthday is coming soon (November 24th!) and many cute and hopefully entertaining posts are soon to come!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

And as a result, I am in need of a new fall/winter coat! I am totally sick of my black puffy down filled bomber jacket I got two years ago and I am quite partial towards the new peacoat styles and double-breasted jackets. I do love preppy blazers (check out Jacob Connexion I beg you!), but soon it will be too cold and I have a couple already. Who am I kidding? I'll probably end up buying them all eventually...or having them bought for me.

My Top Picks (So Far) For Keeping Warm in these Chilly Months (Welcome to Canada!)

American Eagle Outfitters (love this plaid one!)

Juicy Couture

A Little Nautical Juicy!

J.Crew - A Little Juicy Orange to Get You Through the Cold


Ralph Lauren