Monday, December 10, 2007

Pink Uggs and Fuggs

This post needs no text...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Barbie Goes to Work

If Barbie did go to work, you can be sure that this is the jacket she would wear! Either Barbie or Elle Woods anyway. And beleive it or not, this is just the kind of jacket I was looking for! Hmm, I can't really tell if it's more of an outerwear jacket...or is it a blazer that can be worn indoors in school?

Zebra goes Lite-Brite

Finally a really cool and bright classic with a trendy twist. I would wear it with some skinny jeans and a colourful cami underneath

Hollister Goes Hottie

One of the cutest Hollister T's I have ever seen I think! My mom bought this for my yesturday as one of the things I got on my Birthday shopping spree at the Eaton Centre in Toronto.
Another great find we picked up at Hollister was this pink mini striped tank top. It has lace detailing and a small Hollister sea gull logo at the bottom. The cutest part of this cami though, is the madras belt bow that is threaded around this adorable yet affordable top!

The Best Of Both Colours

The best part of Ralph Lauren Create Your Own polos is the colour choices. For example, we (and by we I mean me) at My Preppy Pink Polo love pink and green! So, duh! Which ever you like the best, make that the colour of the polo, and the logo the other!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cutsey Shoes Pink

The website Cutesy Girl has the cutest designer shoes for the lowest prices! In honor of this website, which I have just discovered and has clothes and accessories too, I will be doing several posts according to colours! There are just so many things right about these light pink pointy toed heels with the little bow and the patent point and the quilting effect.

These second bright pink ones are a little barbie, but a lot of fun! Think Legally Blonde. A lot of glam and for when you're feeling bold and adventurous. The fake jewels are playful but not cheesy.
These pink and green shoes are just to die for! They are plaid and princess and not a bit bad! They have a colourful funky plain fabric design that is cute, fun, and unique. They have a Mary Jane styled strap with a not too high 3 inch heel.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Preppy Potato

How great is this website? If you haven't been there yet, get your Tootsie Rolls over there! These are my favourite belts they have there! The green one is soft looking and from the Fleur De Leur collection with light pink houndstooth. I also love the pink one with the green lobster!

Pink and Green...Need I Say More?

Truly...what is a better colour combonation? Orange and Purple, bleck. Blue and Yellow? No thank-you. Red and Green? Not even dah-ling. Pink and Green? BINGO!

And why is this? These colours just make people happy. They are almost contrasting colours, but faded and more friendly. As this is only the first post in my blog, I will leave it at that, and not post any pictures of jolly good pink and green things that will make you drool (providing, of course that you are a true preppster). But don't won't have long to wait!