Monday, June 2, 2008

Shopping, anyone?

From my shopping trip last weekend (not this previous one...the one before :S)
All of these pictures kind of suck, but trust me, the clothes look much better in person!

Striped oxford style dress from Dynamite ( I also bought a black braided waist-cinching belt to wear with it, not shown)

Pink and Green Madras Babydoll Top from Tommy

It also ties as a bow in the middle. It's very long, and looks cute with jean burmudas and khaki shorts

Black and White Gingham Top from Dynamite...I have wanted something gingham for a while now (and it was on sale from $30 to only $10...shhhh...) it also has detachable straps.

My New Favourite Summer Bag! Madras Tommy Hilfiger with leather and canvas handles and even a cute little anchor charm! The only thing is I found a teensy little spot on the bag! It looks like chocolate or something...don't you just HATE that? It drives me crazy. Does anyone have any tips for getting stains out of a cloth bag without putting it in the washing machine and ruining it?


Anonymous said...

Cute stuff. To get a spot out of a purse, I usually just spot clean it. A little bit of detergant and some water and just rub.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Very cute finds!

Kate said...

I love the tote with the anchor!

Jello said...

all the pieces are extremely cute..but I am lusting after the Tommy madras back and the the Tommy tank!
Uber cute!