Thursday, February 19, 2009

You're So Vain You Probably Think This Post is About You

Time sure does sneak on up doesn't it? I just realized that I haven't posted in almost three weeks (shame shame shame)! I guess I kept saying to myself "Hmm, should probably update time now, later." and "How long since I posted? Just a few days, surely..." But now I'm ready to face the problem head on: I have been MIP (Missing In Polo) because I've been very busy. Firstly, the new semester has come and with it I am now in my co-op that I talked about before. It's great. I do a lot of seam-ripping, pinning, and hemming pants, but it's also fun just to be in the atmosphere. Did you know that aside from hemming, the most common alteration is letting-out a garment at Milli? You'd think that people would go one size up and then have it taken in (the easiest way for us sewers to alters), but evidently most of our customers are so vain that they buy things too small and as a result we have to spend hours seam-ripping, salvaging as much fabric as possible, and reconstructing skirts and jackets so that rich fat people can still call themselves a size 6. I suggested, being the practical person that I am, that we just sew in the label of a smaller size and be done with it, but Judith (my supervisor) told me point blankly that our customers are insane, and it is best not to ask questions, but just do it and bitch about it when they leave. Or, in some cases, the store does not carry a large enough size (which is pretty bad, seeing as we go all the way up to a generous size 14 or 16). In one case, suede panelling with ties had to be added to the side of some designer jeans because the lady was so enormous that she couldn't fit in them anymore. Pitty. It hurts me sometimes to rip apart a Valentino suit.

In other news, here is an interesting tidbit from work I've shared with a few people:

Last week a leather jacket came up to our floor. I walked over to it to check the price tag (which I do quite often at this store). Guess how much it cost? Keeping in mind it's Valentino.





Try $14,000.