Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So this morning I had my interview for my co-op...I got it...of course (I know, I'm so humble)! The thing about this place is that it is INSANE. I am so excited. They have been in magazines and people come from all over to shop there and drop INSANE amounts of money (at least $100,000) a trip. This is going to be such a great opportunity I can't believe it! They have all designer clothing and accessories from such brands as Valentino and Moschino (ok, not exactly in my price range), but a girl can dream! They also have a group of European women who do alterations and sewing that I will get to work with and learn from. Imagine me sewing designer clothing *swoons*. This company even puts on professional fashion shows. The man who interviewed me told me it's not all glitz and glamor, and that the fashion business can be quite harrowing (used this word at least 5 times), but I am totally ready for it! I'll get real world experience of all the madness and drama that happens behind the scene.

In further news, I received my first Blog Award today from none other than Little Bow Prep! Thank you!

And I am going shopping and out to lunch with my dad this afternoon! Must get exciting new wardrobe to match exciting new apprenticeship! Can you believe that? Me and apprentice!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let's Bring in the New Year!

So, my computer has been contaminated by another Trojan...whatever that is...but I just had to post something! I have so much to say! So many blogs to read! So much fashion!

But before I get to that...I have some exciting news! Since the new semester is starting, I can tell you that I took co-op! For those of you that don't know, it's like finding an apprenticship. For the last two periods, I will be working at Milli Fashions for Women! This is very exciting for me, as I hope one day to be a fashion designer. I love sewing, am a talented artist (if I can toot my own horn), and am completely obsessed with fashion. This is the first time my school's co-op department has placed someone at Milli as well. I still need to go in for an interview (more on that later) but I have a good feeling about this! Milli Fashions is supposedly the most high-end boutique in the entire city! Almost everything in there is at least $1000. And they have sewing in the back, so hopefully I can polish up my skills while being in a place of such wonderful fashion goodness! And maybe I'll get a discount ;)

So here's a preview of some of my favourite trends fresh from the runway for spring!

cute cardigans, a little safari, and sweet spring colours from Milly (no connection to my Co-op unfortunately)

"Milly" herself! How J.Crew does she look?

Burberry goes grey

Lavin lucious dresses

Chanel never fails! Black and White is soo now! (but isn't it always?)

D&G? Can you say Nautical? (Nautical. Very good!)

Marc By Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs



Moschino showed some stunning jewel tone dresses, featuring bows, ruffles, and rosettes

Whew! What a long post! But I just couldn't resist the eye candy!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Recent Conversation...

...With a girl in my third period fashion class went something like this:

Girl: So yeah, the cops totally showed up and everything. It was totally crazy!

Me: Oh, was that at your New Years Eve party?

Girl: Mhmm.

Me: Yeah, I was going to go to a party, but all my plans fell through.

Girl (following up an earlier conversation): I'm sorry (not at all sorry), but I still can't see you going to a party. Except if it was like, a tea party.

*people were standing around listening this whole time, by the way*

Me: Um...

Girl: Yeah, like look at you with your pearls and everything. I can totally like see you as more of a sorority girl.

Me (sarcastically imitating her, because at this point I was getting a little miffed): Um, like, yeah...I totally love going to the Country Club for lunch banquets hahahaha!

Girl: Ehmagawd yeah I can totally see you doing that lolz!

Later, my friends, who had heard this whole conversation take place supported me and told me how rude they thought she was. But I don't mind all that much. This is practically a complement anyway. In fact, if I was a totally different person, I might have done something like this:

Me: Oh, HAHAHA you are SO FUNNY. Well. I'd rather be that then a pretentious little partying slut-faced-hoe-bag-who-brags-about-getting-drunk-and-being-taken-advantage-of.

But alas, I am not that person. And that would not be proper, would it? (What would Muffy say?!)


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Look! An Ox in pink and green! I can tell it's going to be a good year already!