Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Word To The Wise: Ironing

So I was looking for our iron after the move, and all I found was the board. Well, that's not much use. Then it occured to me...the answer was right next to me! My hair straightener! Why lug out a heavy iron and ironing board when you can just run your flat iron along your seams? Brilliant? Yes, I thought so too. :)

Juicy Goodness

Mmm...hungry anyone? Because these tasty Juicy Couture items are sure to satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth!

L-O-V-E this bag!
Love the pink and green ribbon on this fun little bag!

Great colour! Is it any wonder its called the 'Prep Satchel'?

Could this be the cutest dress ever this summer? Yes, yes it certainly could.

Red Circle Dress

Pleats, anyone?

The only question harder than what is cuter than argyle ballet flats is pink and brown...or green and navy?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pottery Barn Kids (My New Love)

This was another place I failed to mention I found in Sherway Gardens. I felt to strained for time to actually buy anything, but if I lived any closer I would definately (and still might) get some of these:

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Gap... in my teeth

I used to have a big gap between by front teeth when I was little. I haven't thought about it for a long time but it suddenly occured to me now while I was browsing on I realize now that it was a good thing I did, or my teeth would probably be a lot more crooked than they are right now. I have never had braces, and I probably never will thanks to that gap. Likewise, I will probably never have a reason not to part with my money thanks to The Gap. As I said in my previous post, I was sadly limited for time in all stores, but I had to help myself a little by going on the website after returning from my shopping trip. I think I have problems. Do you ever do this? I have this habit of going to a mall, going through the store, coming home, looking through the website, then going back to the store within two weeks at the most and purchasing some things. This is the process that is me. I guess it's a good thing though, because as anyone who has ever been shopping with me can tell you, I take an obsene amount of time sifting through and trying on everything in a store I like, then humming and hawing over each peice before finally making a purchase. I call this Clothing Commitment Personality Disorder or CCPD. And now, I am trying to make plans with friends to go to the mall again tomorrow...but this will be a closer and crappier mall. Still, that would be three days straight of shopping, if you don't count my few purchases during the week. Wow. I really do have problems.

I realize I'm rambling on a bit here. My real point was to show you my Gap picks. I feel the need to tell you first though that the website doesn't have nearly enough selection as the store I was in (it might need to be updated?) and the pictures really don't do justice to the cuteness of the clothing. Enjoy :)

I know, it's from the kids section, but sometimes kids have the cutest stuff, don't you think?

I think I posted about these before...but the ones I saw today were wayy cute

White + Wrap Skirt + Bow = Perfect Spring Outfit Foundation

Pretty Tiered I said, this looks way better in person

Sherway Gardens

This is the best mall in Ontario. Seriously. On my outing there today I realized the only shame was the little amount of time I was aloud there. It was late in the day, and I could probably have spent 24 hours shopping there (or more, until I collapsed from exhaustion). And the only reason I didn't buy much more than I did, is the fact that I am too damn small to fit into half the things I like, and have only half the amount of money I would like to have. Factor in my dad being there to make me feel intensly guilty to spend excessive amounts of money, it's no wonder that I walked out with only one shopping bag. However, I saw many many cute and preppy things that I wish were at my local mall! For instance, I made my first ever trip to Talbots! Although I saw some cute belts and adorable polo dresses, unfortuanately, thanks to factor one, there is no way I could fit into any of their clothes. To anyone who can though, and is fortunate enough to have enough time to shop unlike me, I would suggest these:

Another place I drooled over was Lacoste. I prefer the online Lacoste to the store though, because I find it less intimidating. But that's another post for another day. Also love the large Gap, Banana Republic, Esprit, Jones New York (but again, sizing was an issue here), Lululemon, Tommy Hilfiger, and great shoe shopping! What I did buy this weekend (so far, anyway) is a Tommy pink and green madras halter top, a black and white gingham babydoll type top from Dynamite, and a really cute seersucker-type striped grey and white oxford dress. I'll have to post pictures later though due to the fact that these stores don't have adequate websites.

Monday, May 19, 2008

15% Off Banana Republic Online Site


Promotion: Get 15% off when you spend $150 or more at Banana

Banana Republic coupon codes

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Madras Madness!

JCPenney has some really cute madras peices this season! The only problem is you have to look in the Juniors section... but if you can fit, then you will find some quality shorts, and even a skirt and top or two for a price you won't believe! And you know what that means: more money left over for all your other new pretty things for spring and summer! Plus, at this price you don't have to decide between - just get them all

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tagged: 6 Quirky Things About Me

  1. I seem to get myself into these little mis-adventures when I go do things on my own. For example, NEVER add water to melted chocolate when you are making brownies because it WILL make it go all hard and lumpy instantly and your brownies will turn out all fluffy and dry instead of dense and moist. I don't know why this is, it seems to be some strange scientific chemical reaction with the fat and water, but addig this step to baking is fatal...for the brownies I mean.

  2. When I was little, I was a total tomboy. I wasn't into Barbie like the other girls in my class and would cry and throw a fit when my mother tried to get me into a dress to go to a wedding. I absolutely hated the way wearing a dress felt with my legs. In fact, my mom still teases me about it because I am the biggest girly-girl ever now with all the pink I wear! Guess I'm making up for all the years lost!

  3. I have a low caffeine tolerancy. When I first started drinking coffee, I bought it from the cafeteria after lunch. I would then proceed to go completely bonkers to the point at which other people were noticing the change in me. I would get the shakes, talk really really fast, act hyperactive, and even my lips started to vibrate uncontrollably. Luckily, since then I have grown somewhat immune to the effects of caffeine and I can barely feel it...just have to be carefull not to drink it on an empty stomach!

  4. Every fish I have ever owned has died in under two weeks. My first fish only lasted about 2 days. Fortunately, the pet store has a policy in which if you fish dies within a week of bringing it home, you can come back and get a free fish. Well, I liked the beta fish, so I got a second one after Beta fish number one (Juicy) died, thinking it was just a fluke. It turns out, however, that I have some sort of fish curse. The next one lasted about 4 days I think. Poor little guy was found floating on the top of his tank with his glassy eyes open. Never one to give up quickly, I stuck Gucci into a zip-lock bag and stuck him in the fridge so I could bring him back for another. I scrubbed down the tank and let my third fish in. I researched a ton before hand and did everything right. I thought this one would make it! A week later, still alive! But of course shortly after that he (I don't even remember his name...some sort of designer handbag?) made the journey to fishy heaven. There. Now you know. Don't hate me for it!

  5. I like to eat most of my food cold. If I made something the night before, I most look forward to eating the leftovers the next day straight from the fridge without heating it up. My favourites to eat cold are pizza (classic), vegetable lasagna, pasta, perogies, mashed potato, soy chicken, and tofu stir-fry (obviously, I don't eat meat).

  6. As much as I would love to be good at skiing, it secretly terrifies me. I had a very bad skiing experience in grade seven when I was on my first skiing trip with school. They started us off with a skill test to see which hills we could go on. I weaved through the obsticles and made this amazing stop in front of the instructer. Of course, it was completely accidental but I got my sticker. I still couldn't go on the red labled hills. Later on, there was a re-test to try to get the red sticker. A bunch of skiers and myself followed the lady onto a very steep hill. I was kind of freaking out at the sheer steepness of it and I was having trouble controlling my turns and stopping. I feel the need to tell you right now that I was very very small back then and it might have been that I was too light or something. Anyway, I kept wiping out due to the fact that I couldn't stop my skis no matter how much I angled them inward. Soon enough, I got seperated from the group on a big hill and narrowly avoided crashing into a tree. So there I was. Stuck in a snow bank all alone with no way of getting down the hill on my own. Fortunately, one of my friends came down the hill and spotted me. She laughed when I told her my story and helped me down the hill to safety. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day on the Bunny Hill.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Search For The Perfect Bedding...Continued!

I found all of these pictures that I had saved on my laptop of cute bedding...all Tommy Hilfiger!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In Search Of: The Perfect Bedding!

When I was younger, my room had this whole purple, blue and yellow theme. Light blue carpeting, purple walls, turquoise and pink border, and yellow, blue, purple daisy bedding (I was obsessed with daisy's). But then on a shopping trip with my best friends I bought a pink and orange area can tell I was always the serious shopper! But that didn't really go weel with the blue carpeting. Then, we moved to where I live now and I have a sort of pink and orange theme going on. And this won't do. I have been in search of the perfect preppy bedding now, since I have a new opportunity to repaint my room (it being a dull whitish colour) and a part-time job after school and on weekends to help pay for it! So, without futher todo...I give you: CUTE PREPPY BEDDING! OH, AND FYI MY BED IS A WHITE METAL DAYBED

Really a bedding made for younger girls, but still really cute don't you think? Love the little birds!

This is also from a kid's site but come has seersucker stripes and pink and green checks!

Seersucker green stripes with pink whales print! :D

Another ah-dorable pink and green bedding! Plaid is sooo rad (from Target!)

Target striped casual preppy bedding

Uber-preppy madras Target bed set! (this is one of my faves)

This reminds me a little of the colours in my old bedroom! Grosgrain ribbons make this bedding hawt!Ditto...but with pom-poms! (And who doesn't love pom-poms!)

Paisley Pink and Green bedding set

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sick of

...rain...the cold...working SICK! Ugh. I feel so junky. My throat hurts. I can't talk, well, I can, but it hurts and nobody can understand what I am saying anyway. I'm tired. I'm grumpy. Did I mention I feel sick? UGH? UGH!!!

So in honour of my you ever yearn? I thought this picture and poem (which was attached to the photo on flickr) was appropriate:

When it's Spring again I'll bring againTulips from AmsterdamWith a heart thats true I'll give to youTulips from AmsterdamI can't wait until the day you fillThese eager arms of mineLike the windmill keeps on turningThat's how my heart keeps on yearningFor the day I know we can share these Tulips from Amsterdam

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tommy Time!

So I went to my local Tommy Hilfiger (my new fave store!) and here is what I bought...ok, so what my dad bought for me. But in my defense, I totally offered to pay and since I got my first two pay cheques from my part-time job (serving coffee!) I could have. There were so many cute things there it took me forever to decided! In fact, my dad said that many people had come in, bought something, and left by the time I finally got out of the change room. But can you blame me? This is one of the only legit preppy stores around where I live. I might be going back soon though because there were some really really cute these pink and green madras burmuda shorts and matching skirt and dress. Not to mention all the argyle sweaters, polos, oxfords, and terry summer dresses! I am seriously going to buy that store out! I wish I could post pictures of the other things that I am considering buying, but they aren't on the website (I mentioned my reasoning on this issue in an earlier post I believe) so I can only show pics that I took of the things I actually brought home. The only thing is that I am so freaking small that I barely fit into the XS and size 0 is still big on me. Maybe I shrink them though? But I digress. What do you think of my finds?