Monday, June 29, 2009

I Have a Problem.

I honestly do. I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything until I got another job (update: I quit my coffee shop part-time job). Unfortunately, I am TERRIBLE at not spending money. I went to the mall and found soo many cute things that were perfect for me, but I restrained myself and didn't buy anything. Instead, I just sketched and made notes so I could go back and buy them when I at least had a job. Then there was this weekend. Bordom + amazing sales at the mall = 4 tank-tops and some adorable jeans. The shirts were such a deal though I would have been crazy to pass it up. And I always need new tanks to go under my polos, etc. And these were Silver jeans. Nuff said.

But other than that, I have done a good job.

Except for my online buys...Red Lacoste Polo and Juicy terry zip-up hoodie (but there are no Lacostes or Juicy Coutures nearby!). And then there was today: new umbrella. But that doesn't count because my old "new" umbrella turned out to be a piece of junk so I had to throw it out and two, it was only like $10.

Oh yeah, and when I bought new bras and panties a few weeks back. But that's it. Honestly.

Lacoste Red Polo

In Light Blue cozy!

I tried to find a picture of my jeans, and found Miley Cyrus wearing them...weird...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sandal Lust of the seven deadly shopping sins...
They are sure beautiful to look at, but beware: the cutest shoes give the most blisters...

PS: I am clearly obsessed with the nautical trend...

Juicy Couture

I'm not much of a rubber flip-flop girl, but I adore both of these Juicy wedges! They are both so fun and adorable!

Michael Kors

Brooks Brothers - These remind me of an equestrian style that you could wear in the city

Payless (that's right!) - Also cute nautical-inspired pumps

Payless - cute little novelty flats with huge navy bows and sailor stripes!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Moody Musings/Rant

Hi. I'm having a bad few days. So today I am abandoning all fashionisms for a rant post: MPPP style.

*DISCLAIMER* if you are easily offended by slight potty-mouth talk, please do not read the following rant.

Things That Piss** Me Off (**I warned you)/Rants:

  • Question: Why is that men will honk, whistle, and cat-call at you while you are walking down the side-walk from their cars, but never offer you a ride? (I'm not saying that I would take it, but it would be nice, I mean, sometimes I'm really tired and these shoes are killing me!)

  • Similarily, if you are more than 3 decades older than me, please keep your comments to yourself. Yes, I know I look good today, but it is not for you. If I seem less than pleased ("Hey honey, it was just a compliment!"), consider the fact that you are creepy beyond all means and it makes me more uncomfortable than flattered.

  • Can't there be a store that gives special deals (90% off, perhaps?) to people that come in often, even if they never buy anything because the prices are crazy.

  • What possesses someone to sit directly accross from you on a bus that is otherwise empty? This just lends to a very uncomfortable ride where I am left trying to avoid eye-contact with you (which is difficult, since I can see you staring at me from the corner of my eye). Plus, one can only read those advertisements so many times (Learn English, use protection, half-price on contacts...I GET IT!)

  • Where is it written in the book of etiquette that you can send someone an "unvitation" through facebook? Tacky, tacky behaviour. If there are too many people attending, cancel the whole party, or at least call me and tell me yourself.

  • Why is it that my "practical" shoes are the ones that gave me gigantic blisters???

  • If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. (How many people missed this memo??) I don't appreciate drama.

  • Why don't my parents seem to trust me, even though I have all A's, no tattoos or weird piercings, don't do drugs, or anything really that a rebelious teenager would do? But nope, I'm a constant disappointment.

  • How am I irresponsible? Just because I forgot to put the dishes away? It seems I can't do anything right.

  • How can anyone morally charge almost $4.00 for a 12oz latte? It's just hotwater, and steamed milk run through some coffee.

I'm going to stop now. This actually helped, I feel a lot better now (course, it may just be the caffiene kicking in).

Ugh. You see, I'm not always the most mild-mannered prep. I just don't tend to let these things out most of the time. Sorry if I was a downer, I really am doing quite well.

Nobody's perfect, right? RIGHT?!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Suit-loose and School-free!

Well, I have officially finished my last exam! That's right, school is o-u-t. Except for a week from now when we get our marks...but anyway!

Let's celebrate summer with a look at some of the cutest (in my oppinion) swimsuits!
Yes, I am one of those people who loves swimsuit shopping (and then starts hating it when everything is too big for her) but who can hate swimsuit shopping when they are so delightful this year?

Burberry plaid one-piece

Burberry bikini in black and grey

D&G anchor-print bikini

Juicy Couture shirred ruffle-bottom

Lilly "brooke shields" bikini

Lilly seersucker green sting-bikini with pink ruffles

Micheal Kors polka-dot retro suit ( I think I posted this before in my MK post, but it is too fabulous not to post again )

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren pony-print
This isn't technically a swimsuit, but it is a cover-up...and so darn cute! I would wear it as a summer dress on and off the beach!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rugby from Ralph

Since I'm home sick...I finally have time to post! Yay...?

Anyway, enough self pity! Rugby by Ralph Lauren has some very cute stuff out (and on sale!) this season:

Woven Belt...I have been totally looking for a belt like this for a while! Would look fantastic cinching the waist of a safari dress with leather and straw-wedge espadrilles.
Darling pink striped shirtdress with belt and pretty ruffles. Would be perfect for brunch or tea out on the town!

Seersucker high-waisted shorts - a preppy-meets-nautical classic that every girl needs in her wardrobe!

Pintuck pinafore lends little-bow-peep style with buttons and suble pleats.

Ruffle-front blouse makes a men's staple a little dare I
Navy polo-dress is perfect for shopping, golfing, boating, or just walking the boardwalk!
Plaid wrap top goes perfectly with shorts, capris, jeans, or works as a cover-up for modest beach-walkers
Halter polo-dress. Pink and green stripes. Need I say more?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm Not Dead.

Dear Blogreaders,

I'm not dead: I'm just busy. Exams are coming up, school year almost understand.

Some totally awesome posts are coming (think summer fashion, plenty of anchors, polos, and of course, pink and green!)...I sit tight, and please don't leave me!

Sincerly Yours,