Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Make Over Madness!

So what do you think? the background is from the website in the upper left corner but I had to re-do my banner to make it match (which was really difficult and I did it all by myself) so make with the compliments people! Or if you don't like it...please be honest I'm not totally set on it!

FYI don't forget to check out my previous post and offer feed-back on my skirt too!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My New Skirt!

My latest sewing project! A Lilly inspired wrap-around skirt that I guess I made a little too late (seeing as it's fall now!). But I liked the the pattern (and who can resist a good cotton print?) and I wanted to try out this pattern. I had to alter it a bit because I wanted it shorter and luckily it's a wrap-around because I can NEVER find clothing patterns that fit a tiny size like me! What do you think? (And I know it looks sort of wrikley but I was so excited to show it off...and the pictures are really cruddy...
perfect with a white pique polo!

Eww why does my room and mirror look so awful in this?

As you can (kind of) see, it even has a bow! And will hopefully give me an illusion of curves.

Gosh, this is embarassing. I Must stop. Or find someone to take the picure. Up and out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Preppy Purchase: Kate Spade: Style

Ok. So you ALL MUST get this book. I purchased it at Indigo and I do not regret it at all. Written by Spade herself, this lovely and beautifully illistrated book talks about everything from how to take care of cashmere to how to have perfect posture! There is a large section all about the best colours (according to Kate) and how to combine them...guess what preppy combination is included! You also get an indepth look at some of her own personal favourites from her own closet and even comments from her beloved husband Andy. With everything from evening style, beach style, her love of accessories (she says they are the backbone to her wardrobe!), closet organization tops, and finding inspiration in everything, "Style" by Kate Spade is an absolute must have for anyone of any age or style. As the writers William Stunk, Jr., and E.B. White once wrote, "To achieve style, begin by affecting none." (And buy this book!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House in the House!

This summer I watched the entire House MD series. I had watched it when it first started, but I seldom have time to follow TV shows unless I own or rip them. That aside, I got quite obsessed with the show. When you rent all the DVDs, you can easily click from one episode to the next and waste hours of your time lost in that dramatic medical world. Plus, you get really attached to the characters and deeply involved in the plot. I have been waiting FOR EVER for the new season to start...and guess what? I MISSED the premiere!!! I had yoga after school yesterday with my sister and went to her house afterward until my mother picked me up late that night. The only thing is that my Big Sis lives in a house with other university students, and they don't pay for cable. And you know what that means. No TV. I didn't even know that House was on last night. But we did discuss it. She thought it started next week. WRONGO! Ugh. I guess I'll have to try to find it online.
But I digress. In the spirit of the new House season, let's look back at a Preppy Profile of Dr. Cuddy from the house series. Sure, House may make constant jabs at her "low cut" tops, but I have to hand it to her, watching all the episodes I was quite able to understand and appreciate her style. Girly, professional, sexy, and, dare I say, a tad preppy?

She always has her pearls!

Cute blazer!

There aren't many good pictures, but if you watched the show as closely as me you will have noticed her small obsession with bows (like many of the new tie-neck blouses in stores!). I (being an avid fashion designer), started adding this inspiration to some of my drawings...then I went to the mall a week later and what did I see? Exactly.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bows, Bags, Bottles, and Whymypreppypinkpolohastheshakes

Firstly, my recent trip to Sherway Gardens wasn't a complete waste. I did end up buying two things (although they ended up being from the second store I went into (the first was Holt Renfrew). What I did buy was this:

Two little headbands like these (because for some reason the website doesn't have an actual picture of my cute little bands). Except they were metallic purple and black with cute little bows on them... Blair Waldorf eat your heart out! *

And this adorable tweed purple bag (which also has pink and turquoise/silver sewn into it). I have decided that my fall wardrobe will also include rich colours like berries, purple, turquoise and, of course, pink.

I actually have a (sort of) funny story about this whole purple obsession of mine. OK. So what I was wearing that day was: my grey and purple argyle fitted/cropped cami, lavender short-sleeve button up, jeans, and my new mocs (which I must post!). I picked up this bag and thought it was the most adorable and perfect cozy-fallish-wintery bag ever. But I didn't buy it. Three or four hours later we made it back to the store and that's when I purchased it and the headbands. My father made a remark about how well it matched my current outfit and I beamed and said: "Purple is hot this season!". Later that evening...I was at Chapters (sipping a tall vanilla latte) and picking out a yoga mat (which, surprisingly enough, Chapters does have.). There were no pink and green ones, so I chose the purple one. I felt a bit of a fool because now I was carrying my new purple bag and buying this. When I went to the cashier, she said "Purple...wow that goes with your outfit!" or something to that effect and I replied, "Thanks...". The moral of the story is: If you have a theme to your outfit (no matter how adorable), be prepared for people to notice!

Secondly, I just finished my shift at Timmies. I drank a coffee there. I hadn't had much caffeine for months, due to the fact that I was sick in the hospital. Then, I bought a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper for the short walk home. More caffeine. Which reminds me; does anyone know what happened to Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper? It was amazing! But I digress. All in all, that is why I now have the shakes. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

* Please excuse my rambling and long post, which used a large amount of brackets and chit-chat completely off topic. This is how My Preppy Pink Polo gets when she downs too much caffeine.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get That GG

Style, that is! Here are the "must haves" for each girl and how to copy their style on a budget!

Blair: feminine meets nautical prep
  • prep-school blazers

  • go to colours are a patriotic red white and blue
  • girly headbands
  • bows

  • textured and coloured tights

  • mini dresses with feminine details (cute prints, frilly details, flowers, victorian inspiration)

  • classy accessorise (*sp?)

  • pops of red or yellow!

  • oxfords and shirts with collars (take a cue from the men, ladies!)

  • nautical inspiration

  • flats and handbags

Serena: Laid-back menswear

  • go to colours are grey, worn blue, and rusty brown

  • boyfriend cardigans and vests in neutral colours

  • simple white cotton tops

  • denim
  • trendy shoes (nothing too sweet)

  • plaid school kilt (all about town!)

  • chocolate brown leather (jackets and bags)
  • mens tie

And don't forget to check out my previous post that inspired this one! All about Gossip Girl for GG lovers (and preppy chicks too!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who Gossips with You will Gossip of You

So they say, but you won't gossip about me will you? Unless it's something truly juicy. But the real gossip I have is the amazing Gossip Girl fashion! I don't watch this show on account of me always forgetting or being too busy to catch a TV show every week at a certain time. And now I can't start watching it because this is one of those shows that you have to follow the whole time because there is a shocking plot twist in every episode. I will, however, buy or at least rent the first season when it comes out (by the way does anyone know when that is?). But for now I am admiring the cute wardrobe from pictures I found on the web and other people's blogs. I am also taking inspiration from them and plan to model my fall wardrobe after some of the cuteness that is Blair, Serena, and Jenny's outfits!

The following is a commentary by My Preppy Pink Polo:

Don't you just love Blair's outfit here? I'm really into the blazer and headband!

Here Serena models the appropriate way to wear menswear without looking frumpy

Blair's outfit here reminds me of a younger Charlotte with the shift dress in a pretty print and of course matching headband

Blair's outfit here is a little over the top (though aren't we all at times?) it reminds me of a hookerish maid/victorian countess. Jenny has on a cute houndstooth cropped jacket which I like

This is really girly and sweet. Love how she layered the different textures but managed to look like something out of "I just threw this on" magazine

Both friends here are sporting some preppy basics mixed with thier own personal style

I especially love Blair's blazer and her shoes and bag

This is one of my favourite Blair outfits on record because this says everything I love about style: argyle, oxfords, headbands, and ah-dorable minis

This another one of my faves...I think red and black or navy are going to be huge this fall I am seeing these white piped jackets everywhere (a post about that coming soon!)

This gang of girls is totally fab! Love their colourful pastel coats and headbands! Each girl looks colourful and sweet like a little doll (in designer duds, that is)

Next post will be how to capture each girl's fabulous style with your own taste (and budget!)

You know you want to comment (;P), XOXO MPPP

I'm Baaaaack!

I am now back from the hospital so please stay tuned for more fabulous posts!