Sunday, February 28, 2010

O Canada

It seems perfect to remind myself and others where I am from...especially as Crosby just scored the gold goal for Canada in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. A close game between our worthy USA opponents, yes, but after all, it is our national no hard feelings, eh?

This is Classified's song "Oh Canada!"

(Oh Canada we stand on guard, for thee)
I told this guy where I was from
He said oh, Canada
Kinda laughs it off, real funny huh?
Yeah, uh, come on

(O Canada)
1-2, 1-2,
Mic check, 1-2, 1-2
(O Canada)

Uh, yea
From the land of the lost
Trans-Canada crossed
Patriotic and a honour
With a hand on my heart

From the greatest of lakes
To the greenest of greens
To the rockiest mountains
And everything in between

O-o-o Canada
Oh you’re no fan of us?
Cause our movie and TV shows are so amateur?
Yeah, we laugh at off, that don’t really bother me
Look, we ain't serious unless you really gotta be

Humourous attitude like Kids in the Hall
Like Jim Carrey, Mike Myers,
Yeah we claiming them all

It's the great white north
Home of the funniest actors
The front of the joke
With an abundance of laughter

The red and white flag
Keep it high keep it visual
People see Canada and get stereotypical
Think we finish every sentence with buddy or bye
And if it ain't that it's either do, eh or guy
(Canadaka, eh?)
Yeah we consider it people
And smoking marijuana
We consider it legal

Still doing rap like the 1990’s
But that's how we like it
Off-timed and grimy!

I know where I'm from and I told ya before
North of America hard to ignore
Every time I go away I tell them for sure
I'm from Canada O-o-o Canada

(O Canada)
O Canada O-o-o Canada
(O canada)
I'm from Canada
O-o-o Canada

The class makes a sick beat, we call it a classic
The class makes a sick beat, we call it a classic
The class makes a sick beat, we call it a classic
The class makes a sick beat, we call it a classic

I've been around the globe and
Heard the confusion
Honestly a lot o'yall are ignorant and stupid

Yes, we have microwaves, TV's and cell phones
Unintelligent fuck, we invented the telephone!
We made Yahtzee
The light bulb, hockey
And bred the greatest players, Gretzky to Crosby
We all got at least one drinking buddy
And after one drink, all of us think we’re funny

Our national mascot’s a damn beaver
O Canada we love our beaver
Home O'Hell’s Angels the North-CMP
Home of Gordon Lightfoot and nasty TV

The underground rail road
Georges St. Pierre
Right here is where he calls home

Our health care system
Y'all know its free
Keep a girl banging with a full mouth of teeth
I wont even get into the music on the streets
They say hip hop is dead
Naw its up north with me
I could do this all day its a part of my routine
But supper’s almost done and tonight, poutine!

I know where I'm from and I told ya before
North of America hard to ignore
Every time I go away I tell them for sure
I'm from Canada o-o-o Canada
(I'm from the east coast of Canada)
O-o-o Canada
(I'm from the east east east coast)
Yo yo!
See I'm from Canada so sometimes the words come out of my mouth like this
Get used to it!

(O Canada, we stand on guard for thee)


Friday, January 22, 2010

Top 10 Transition Pieces Under $100

I don't know about you, but I become wary when shopping in the early months. On the one hand, all the winter stuff is on sale, but you aren't quite ready to buy those cute white eyelet shorts (especially if you are living in Canada).

So what do you need? Transition pieces. Things that you can wear when the weather is cold, butstill get your moneys worth during the spring and summer months. And you certainly will get your moneys worth, because all of these are under $100!
You're welcome.

Theory - cord mini
contrary to popular belief, cordury is not just a fall fabric. It looks cute and classy worn like the model in the picture, but pair it with a cute light-weight button-up and cowboy boots for spring and your friends will be wondering how you make so many fantastic outfits on a budget!

Marc by Marc Jacobs - polka-dot sleeveless blouse
a little rock-and-roll under a black blazer with skinnies and ankle boots...a little Mini Mouse-chic tucked into black or white high-waisted shorts and wedges (spots are very hot for spring...but more on that later ;) )

LNA - leggings
these lace leggings can be worn under a sweater dress in the cold, or under a cute white sundress in the spring for a sweet, tea-party-ready look

Juicy Couture - plaid flannel mini will keep you warm with tights, but will still work at the country club.

J Brand - white jeans

fashion "laws" be damned! White jeans can be worn year round, because you want to look good year round, don't you?

on Sale for only $70

Corpus - dainty patterned dress
ruffle dress can be worn over thick wool tights and a turtle neck, then go bare in the spring...the tiny floral pattern and colours work year round!


Vineyard Vines - nautical scarf
The great thing about the nautical trend is that it defies the laws of a trend: it has come back so often that it is considered a classic. Therefore, you see sailor-inspired jackets in the fall, and anchor adorned dresses in the spring

Forever 21 - printed skirt
This skirt is in a flattering a-line cut and in a fun yet versatile pattern that can be worn with anything from sweaters and boots to a halter top and Bonannos

J.Crew - Ruffle Tuxedo Blouse
Your basic preppy shirt with a fresh twist that can be worn peeking out under a corduroy blazer or with the sleeves carelessly pushed up over your favourite khaki shorts and cinched with a braided leather belt...hmmm...I can't wait for summer!

J.Crew - cashmere crewneck cardigan
Your favourite cardigan for 4 reasons: spring, summer, fall and winter

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I've Lied

Puppy is so cute...he thinks I should be forgiven, don't you agree? ;)

I thought I would have more time on my hands...I really did. Turns out, moving to a new house and finishing off your semester at school, preparing for exams, handing in final projects, etc. can take up a lot of time.

Still, that's no excuse. I've let part of myself go by letting this blog go. Maybe it's the warm fire burning by my side, my adorable cat curled up at my feet, or the glow of good food and good company, but I resolve to write on here AT LEAST once a week...most likely more.

So THERE. You have my sincere promise. Exams are in one week, but NO EXCUSES. There is always time.

So please don't abandon me, sweet are all a part of me, and I hope to continue to be a part of all of you.

Best wishes, MPPP

Monday, December 28, 2009


Two more days!

While you have all been dusting off your dancing shoes (does anyone actually have dancing shoes?) in preparation for the big 2010 celebration/begining of a new decade...I have been taking my life apart and putting it all into boxes. That's right, on December 30th 2009 we will be moving into a new house. If you have ever moved (this is the THIRD time for me FYI) you know that it is a GIANT hassle to say the least. I have never sneezed this much before from all the dust I'm turning up. And while I'm supposed to be relaxing on this my final Winter Break of high school, I am stuck at home packing and cleaning.

Please forgive me for not posting more often, but now I think you can understand part of the reason. :)

So don't abandon me yet, bloggers! I will be back to dish on all the fabulous things I have bought and aquired since we last talked soon stay tuned!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to All!

May you all have a safe and happy Christmas! I'll be back soon, I promise! :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

If I had a million dollars...

Or whatever all of this delicious stuff costs...who knew Coach was much more than just handbags? Be sure to check out their jewelery and all sorts of other stuff (makes for good gift-giving too!):

Tartan Ponytail Scarf
I can see Blair wearing these gloves, can you?
To wrap you up and keep you worm with an adorable print

Your new favourite "all American" cashmere cardigan comes in two shades:

Equally cute

Very Prim and Proper


I adore this shade of blue!

I can't resist a good beret!

Would look great with a winter white peacoat!

There is so much more, but I think I am getting a bit of a cold (blasted Canadian winters!) and am going to go lie down...hope you enjoyed the eye candy! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

All That Glitters

It's November! Therefore, we are officially allowed to talk about Christmas without being called crazy people (Although I started a count-down weeks ago, only to have someone remark: "It's not even Halloween!")!

And it's not even my birthday (November 24th!)

But I start singing Christmas carols in October, much to the annoyance of my friends and colleagues. "All I Want For Christmas" by Mariah Carey is on repeat in my iPod. Besides, I already know what I'm getting for my birthday! (These awesome riding boots, a dress-form and clothes)
Anyway! I was surfing the web and came across I'm usually not too into their clothing except for comfy basics, but their jewelry this season is very pretty! I saw lots of grosgrain ribbon, pearls, hearts, and other feminine details. And at such amazing prices, it is perfect for your winter budget! So go pick up a few pieces that will give your winter outfits girly-flair, but not hurt your wallet:

Crest Pins

Rhinestone Key Necklace (hmm...inspired by the new Tiffany's line?)

Pearl layered chain necklace

Rhinestone bow pendant

Pretty gold and pink chandelier earrings

Faux-pearls laced with black ribbon gives it a cute Chanel-like touch

Pearl and bow bracelet...what's NOT to love?

Another pretty key pendant

Chain and pearl charm necklace (spices up a plain tee!)

Delicate layered chains and black ribbon and chiffon rosettes tie in the back with more black grosgrain!

Another pretty chain necklace

Rhinestone and pearl bow earrings

Bow charm earrings


Cheers to the holiday season's beginning!