Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In Search Of: The Perfect Bedding!

When I was younger, my room had this whole purple, blue and yellow theme. Light blue carpeting, purple walls, turquoise and pink border, and yellow, blue, purple daisy bedding (I was obsessed with daisy's). But then on a shopping trip with my best friends I bought a pink and orange area rug...you can tell I was always the serious shopper! But that didn't really go weel with the blue carpeting. Then, we moved to where I live now and I have a sort of pink and orange theme going on. And this won't do. I have been in search of the perfect preppy bedding now, since I have a new opportunity to repaint my room (it being a dull whitish colour) and a part-time job after school and on weekends to help pay for it! So, without futher todo...I give you: CUTE PREPPY BEDDING! OH, AND FYI MY BED IS A WHITE METAL DAYBED

Really a bedding made for younger girls, but still really cute don't you think? Love the little birds!

This is also from a kid's site but come on...it has seersucker stripes and pink and green checks!

Seersucker green stripes with pink whales print! :D

Another ah-dorable pink and green bedding! Plaid is sooo rad (from Target!)

Target striped casual preppy bedding

Uber-preppy madras Target bed set! (this is one of my faves)

This reminds me a little of the colours in my old bedroom! Grosgrain ribbons make this bedding hawt!Ditto...but with pom-poms! (And who doesn't love pom-poms!)

Paisley Pink and Green bedding set


Kate said...

I love the whales- where is it from?

Amelia said...

I just found your blog via Canadian Preppy. Too Cute! I can't wait to read more :)

Emily said...


The Preppy Whales Down Alternative Comforter Set is from Overstock.com and here is the link to the page I got it from http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Preppy-Whales-Down-Alternative-Comforter-Set/2301603/product.html?IID=prod2301603
I just noticed that it says they don't have any in stock right now, but you can give them your email address and they will notify you when it is in stock again. :)

Emily said...


Why thank-you very much! I just took a look at your blog now and I think I'll be visiting again! :)

Kristy said...

Hi found your blog by googling preppy bedding ;) I'll come back to visit!

p.s. I am dying for that pink whale bedding! Too cute!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Sooo cute! I always look in the kid bedding sections because it's always the happy cute stuff. I need to take/post pics of the cute pillows I just purchased. If you find any cute duvet covers in your searches, let me know. I wish that whale print came in a duvet. Love it- so cute!

Anonymous said...

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