Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Gap... in my teeth

I used to have a big gap between by front teeth when I was little. I haven't thought about it for a long time but it suddenly occured to me now while I was browsing on I realize now that it was a good thing I did, or my teeth would probably be a lot more crooked than they are right now. I have never had braces, and I probably never will thanks to that gap. Likewise, I will probably never have a reason not to part with my money thanks to The Gap. As I said in my previous post, I was sadly limited for time in all stores, but I had to help myself a little by going on the website after returning from my shopping trip. I think I have problems. Do you ever do this? I have this habit of going to a mall, going through the store, coming home, looking through the website, then going back to the store within two weeks at the most and purchasing some things. This is the process that is me. I guess it's a good thing though, because as anyone who has ever been shopping with me can tell you, I take an obsene amount of time sifting through and trying on everything in a store I like, then humming and hawing over each peice before finally making a purchase. I call this Clothing Commitment Personality Disorder or CCPD. And now, I am trying to make plans with friends to go to the mall again tomorrow...but this will be a closer and crappier mall. Still, that would be three days straight of shopping, if you don't count my few purchases during the week. Wow. I really do have problems.

I realize I'm rambling on a bit here. My real point was to show you my Gap picks. I feel the need to tell you first though that the website doesn't have nearly enough selection as the store I was in (it might need to be updated?) and the pictures really don't do justice to the cuteness of the clothing. Enjoy :)

I know, it's from the kids section, but sometimes kids have the cutest stuff, don't you think?

I think I posted about these before...but the ones I saw today were wayy cute

White + Wrap Skirt + Bow = Perfect Spring Outfit Foundation

Pretty Tiered I said, this looks way better in person

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Kate said...

I love the bag! I just bought a kid's tote from J.Crew. Can't wait to see it :)