Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself...seeing as it's not even Christmas yet, but it's never too early to start making those New Years Resolutions is it? No sir, it is not. In fact, the sooner the better for people like me. Procrastinators. So, I am going to be fully equipt in 2009 (wow can you believe it?) with my newly purchased desktop calender/planner. Procrastinator's SOS is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you know who is always stressed out or getting things done late (hello last-minute Christmas shoppers!). Each page lets you see the whole week ahead of you. I find this a useful tool, especially when you realize how soon everything is happening! It also has a weekly page on things that will help you out for that time of year. For example, tips on budgeting in February when you might start shopping for spring, organizing tips in January, and even how to lose those holiday love-handles in January. All this is done in a practical and entertaining set up. Each week also has a "To Do (or Not) List", "Ultimate Reprieve", and "Timewaster & Cheap Thrill" because, let's face it, once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator. But that certainly doesn't mean you can be molded into one of those envy-worthy people that always have it together. And I forgot to mention one of the best parts: it's nautical themed!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

Snow Day = school cancelled, work cancelled, emailing professor essay because you can't hand it in, staying inside the entire day because the Canadian winter isn't anything to joke about...though it is pretty!

The view of my backyard

PLUS: Snow Day Necessities
1. Silly Cat

2. Warm Argyle Socks and comfy satin pjs

3. Some TV (Yes, it's Fresh Prince! And if you look closely, you can see my Christmas card from Miss Lisagh aka Grosgrain Garage in the middle on the top of the unit!)

4. A Nice Hot Cup of Joe!

Happy Snow Day from your favourite teen prep!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Preppy Pillows

A few weeks ago I decided to make a few new throw pillows for my daybed. OK. So I didn't actually decide per-say, since my fashion teacher takes marks on these things. But I did make one. And after a couple of trips to the fabric shops I had aquired a new piece of darling Amy Butler fabric (in pink and green, naturally), a coordinating piece in green cotton, two zippers, and some iron-on applique initial patches. But before I proceed, I must make a confession. Said Amy Butler fabric already resided in my fabric collection. In fact, a good amount of it. Enough to make a preppy little sumer dress. Enough to still be sitting there in it's pink and green goodness patiently waiting to be sewn into something fabulous. Which never happend, sadly. Because I didn't have the time. Then it was winter. Damned Canada. But, rest assured, I will make this dress. Oh yes I wil. But until then, I had to go buy more of this EXACT same fabric, because I don't want to risk not having enough for whe I eventually do make that dress. Makes sense, right? Of course it does. I have only made one pillow so far, but hopefully when school lets out for Christmas holidays in a week, I will have more than enough time.

Here is the completed preppy patchwork pillow:

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have a post coming soon...I PROMISE...BAH school is so busy I feel like such a bad person.