Friday, August 28, 2009

Where the Buffalo Roam

I have long admired equestrian-type styles and find myself being inspired by them as fall looms nearer. For the best selection and quality by-far, I recommend good-old Ralph Lauren. Great news for Canadians: The full collection will now be available at the Bay! RL has many great equestrian inspired fashions for us all to drool over...
Welcome to MPPP Ranch!

Ralph Lauren Blue Label - Taylor Tartan Crested Shirt ( have a similar one from Forever 21...shhh) ;)

You know how I love crests! (my parents think I have a uniform complex!)

Blue Label - Cruz Suede Hacking Jacket - an essential to any American Classic wardrobe!

Blue Label - Silk Bridle Print Down Jacket - looks very warm and cozy!

Blue Label - New Lady Riding Jacket - Love this wool blazer because of it's neutral fall colour, mini houndstooth pattern (the website calls it "birdseye), flattering cut, and of course, it's crest!
Lauren - Thelred Crested Jacket with Vanessa Ruffle-Front Blouse
I often wish that my school uniform included a blazer! (Although I add one frequently anyway)
Ralph Lauren Collection - Great Luxurious Quilted Crest Large Tote!
Bridle-Print Heritage Equestrian Flat Tote

The Ricky 33 French Calf Bag - I am LOVING this bag!

The Alligator Ricky 33 - Comes in many colours and is GORGEOUS! Reminiscent of the Birkin, is it not? And at $16995.00 the price is reminiscent as well!

Isabelline Riding Boot - I adore these boots! I MUST have some riding boots this fall!
These are a more budget friendly version from Chadwicks on sale for only $79.99!

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P.P.S. As you may have noticed, My Preppy Pink Polo is undergoing some renevations! Hope you like the new header by Preppy Bunny Blog Designs (contact if you would are interested in your own header for that extra personalized touch!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Brand By Any Other Name...

As you may know, I have high aspirations to become a fashion designer. A professional one that is. I already design and sew and sketch, but in order to be a "real" designer I deem that I must have my own label at the very least!

I have been struggling for the LONGEST time to find a name. I had many ideas, but all the good names seem to be taken by web-design companies, etc. (I have "Googled" at least a hundred different names)!

Of course, a popular choice for designers is a self-named label, but I doubt that my name is unique or exotic-sounding enough to stand on it's own. I'm no Dior or Furstenberg!

That said, I have found that I will probably need to make combinations of words or just make one up to have a truly unique name.

My line's essence is one of polished femininity. It will be fresh with romantic and vintage twists on tailored classics. Think old-school Chanel-meets-Ralph Lauren with inspiration from the 50's and of course, the country-club group.

Some of my ideas were:

  • Academy
  • Alpha
  • Peach or Peachy (I grew up with peach orchards)
  • Legacy
  • Elite
  • Some combination?

Or to just adapt a "preppy" nickname for a label, such as:

  • Muffy Fashions
  • Mitsy Fashions
  • Missy Fashions
  • Bitsy Fashions
  • Hopsy Fashions
  • (with or without "Fashions" or "Designs" after)

Please help me to decide! Vote in the Poll to the right of this post, or comment with your combination, word, or unique idea you have (that could be passed on to me).

*Please note that this name will be trademarked, and protected by Canadian Buisness Law for Patent Pending.

*Also note that this may or may not be my final decision, incase I am hit with new inspiration.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Confessions of a Fashionista: Volume II

If I was to post everything I have bought in the past month, I would probably run out of room in my blog. I know I'm supposed to be "saving" money since I quit my job at the coffee shop, but spending two weeks at my dads...what am I supposed to do? Answer: Starbucks and shopping. Every day. My two favourite things! That said, here are a few purchases I made last week and things that I have made (not including the stuff I bought on my trip to Montreal...or the mall last week...I know. I have a problem)

Skirt I made a long while back but never photographed...found this Lilly skirt that looks kinda like it...stealing my designs??
Lilly skirt:

My skirt! (Except mine is wrap-around and ties with a bow!)
New Boy-Friend Blazer!
Navy Shoulder-Strap Purse - Vintage (I added the button - it is gold and has an anchor!)
Vintage Scarf - fun silky scarf I found! I am going to wear it for fall or use it in a new sewing project.
Pink and White Houndstooth Fabric I found in a thrift store (the fabric is brand-new though and I got a great deal!)

It is SO cute in person! I am going to make either a skirt, jacket, or a tailored dress a la Elle Woods! Plus I bought some wide black elastic, zipper, sew-on jewels, etc. for some more projects I am working on (will update when I'm done!)

"Muffy Wants Her Scarf Back" scarf I bought from Etsy...looks so adorable tied in a bow on your bag or around the neck (tied or untied)
Book - "Fashion Show"

It has bios on all the great fashion designers...

...and fashion history!
New Sophie Kinsella book - I haven't finished it yet, but it doesn't compare to the Shopaholic series
New School Supplies - Moleskine blank notebooks, and grosgrain ribbon journal, mini tin, magnetic list, sticky notes, and pencils! All (except the notebooks) from Michaels Craft Store from the new "Preppy Collection"! So cute!
Not sure you can see, but it says "Preppy Collection" on the back

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Confessions of a Fashionista: Volume I


I hate cooking. If it was up to me, every meal would be cereal or something pre-made and frozen. My culinary skills range from the microwave to the toaster. In fact, I have messed up with the microwave more than once, beleive it or not. Only recently have I mastered frying an egg (and that took a long time, mind you!). Everything I have ever cooked turns out inedible or I just give up because it's 8:00 and make myself some toast. I made pancakes once. A word to the wise; baking soda is NOT the same thing as baking powder. Salty and bitter pancakes...lesson learned. Yes, everything from burnt cookies, to brick-hard soy-chicken breasts, I have done.

So there. Now you know. Go ahead and judge me, but if you do, be careful what you eat! ;)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gossip is Good for the Soul (and Wallet!)

Anna Sui for Target is inspired by the hit TV show Gossip Girl. The line depicts the 4 distinct styles of the 4 main (female) characters: Blair, Serena, Jenny, and Vanessa. Lovers of the the show, fashion, and Target will be thrilled by this new collection slated to hit 250 select Target stores and from September 13th through October be ready to pounce, fashionistas! Living in Canada, I am a bit miffed that we don't have Target here (honestly, how dumb is that?) but perhaps I can order online and get it forwarded to my address in Ontario somehow (I think there is a website that will do this?). Nevertheless, this is something to be excited about, for Gossip Girl caused such a stir in the teenage fashion world when it aired last year.

Here are some of the outfits from the Lookbook:

Unsurprisingly, the Blair collection is my favourite. I admired her romantic feminine-meets classic prep-school look, and you can clearly see the influence in Anna Sui's designs:

This is a romantic twist on the LBD, with blue underlying and black lace detailing with a black satin bow and classic cut.

City chic shirt-dress with a peterpan collar, dainty pattern, and slight bell sleeves. Of course it's cinched at the waist for a feminine silhouette.

This is my favourite dress. Very Blair indeed! Romantic white lace deters from being too grandma's doily with it's mini length and curve-hugging cut. Don't forget the velvet bow lace bib! Wear with bare legs or sheer white tights and ballet flats like the model shown.

A very classy shift with a vintage print and slight A-line flatters almost all body shapes and shows off delicate shoulders and miles of leg!

Don't forget the darker side of Blair! Semi-sheer in all the right places is seductive and classy at the same time; only something Blair-fashionistas can pull off!


Laid back cool with menswear inspired pieces and a little tough-chick, but always clearly feminine.

Buisness wear? Take that! I am loving the shrunken vest and slightly equestrian vibe I am the bows don't make it bad either...
I'm not a fan of the potato-sack look or the drop-waist, but hey, if you can pull it off!

This is my favourite piece from Serena (and maybe even the whole collection!). Something very classic and still modern about it: totally me!

I myself don't like the spikes on the neckline, but it is a unique design feature and makes the dress look much more high-end and designer.

Good girl gone bad?


This looks more Jenny: Part Two, when she cut her hair and started wearing way too much eye makeup. Personally, I think less is more and find her looks a little too Gothic for my taste. Individually, some of the pieces are cute though.
The cardigan looks more DIY than designer. I love ankle-boots though!

This dress is quite nice


I don't know a whole lot about this character (I've only seen a few episodes) but quite frankly, her looks for this collection were pretty bad. All in all, the outfits remind me of a 70's living room with orange shag carpet (you know, the kind everyone tore out in the 80's).

I like the riding boots. That is all. A little too bohemian for my taste.
These boots are nice as well.
I do like this skirt! Looks like a nice tweed-like herringbone or houndstooth pattern (too far away to tell) in a natural palette that would be great for fall (as long as it isn't paired with too much orange like as seen here.
That puffer-vest is atrocious! And the hippie dress should be ashamed of itself! (sorry to be so negative :P)

Overall though, looking forward to this coming into stores (especially if they include the accessories as well!)
Until next time:
You know you love me,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Everybody Makes Mistakes...

I was just looking under my "Edit Posts" file and found something quite disturbing. Turns out, if you have started a post and never got around to finishing it or forgot that it was ever there, it goes under "Draft", yet still remains in the count of number of blog posts.

See my dilemma yet?

Well, if you haven't caught on yet; this means that my so called "100th Post" was not, in fact, my 100th published post. It was only my 90-somethingth. I am going to pretend this whole little embarrassment never happened, and, apart from deleting the old never-posted drafts, I am going to disregard this. I stand-by my post. I used to have another blog anyway, so I no-doubt have published at least 100 posts at sometime or another. There. That's all I have to say about that!

Please excuse my mix-up! I feel I have deceived you all, but that was not the intention!

Let's all just agree to turn a blind eye on this one, shall we?


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom turns 44 today! And she doesn't even look a day over 43 hahaha! Since she's an accountant, let's do the math shall we?

Mom, you're 44.
Which means...
You're as good as a pair of 22-year-olds!
Or 6.6332495807108 squared!
You're half-way to 88...
And divisible by 1,2,4,11, and 22! (and of course 44)

Mom, if you're reading this (even though you promised to stay away from my blog since you found it! ;) ) I love you very very much and thank-you for supporting me no matter what! I couldn't have asked God for a better mom than you (and I'm sure you couldn't have asked for a better daughter!).

To everyone else, remember to call your mothers and tell them how much they mean to you! There is nobody else out there who will love you like your mother! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Now I Know My ABC's

This is my 100th post! Hooray!!

In honour of this, I would like to recite my own version of the alphabet!

A is for Argyle: My favourite to plaid.

B is for Bows: An adorable adornment!

C is for Crocodile: The little one on my polo!

D is for Doodle: No blank piece of paper is safe!

E is for Emily: aka. my real name!

F is for Fashion: My passion (besides blogging :) )

G is for Grosgrain: The best type of ribbon!

H is for Harper's Island: My current television obsession.

I is for Inspiration: I find it everywhere!

J is for Juicy Couture: My favourite for comfy stuff! (I know, I'll never grow up)

K is for Kate Spade: Lovely shoes and handbags!

L is for Latte: My indulgence!

M is for Mocha: Make mine with an extra shot of espresso!

N is for Nautical: My favourite summer look!

O is for OMG: Something I definitely need to cut out of my vocabulary in real life.

P is for Polo: My wardrobe staple and alternative to the t-shirt.

Q is for Question: Does anyone have any for me?

R is for Ralph Lauren: My "main man".

S is for Sewing: My hobby besides designing and blogging (and shopping!)

T is for Tommy Hilfiger

U is for Up and Coming: More of Fall's cutest trends and looks!

V is for Vanilla: The yummiest flavour!

W is for What Not To Wear: The ultimate makeover show!

X is for XOXO: Gossip Girl!

Y is for the "Yourself": In DIY

Z is for "Zed": Because I'm Canadian!

Now I know my ABC's. Next time, won't you sing with me?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As you might have noticed if you are a regualar to my blog, I have given it a makeover! I decided that although the old pink and green was darling, it's time for a fresher, more modern look. I wanted it to be chic and timeless, yet girly with a touch of preppy. In other words: totally me. I hope you like it!

Yes, it was inspired by Chanel's RTW Fall/Winter 2009 :)

Check out my post below for my Fall Fashion Forecast!