Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fall 09 Fashion Forecast

What's Hot This Fall/Winter:
  • As always, black and white is classic chic. While being paired with pink and feminine details like bows, meet your new go-to colour combo for the chilly months. Be inspired by Chanel and Louis Vuitton and mix sweetness with boy-meets-girl basics.


Louis Vuitton (their handbags aren't the only thing to love! Lots of bows an girly goodness this season...Blair Waldorf would be proud!)

  • All ruffled up? It's true. Ruffles are H-O-T hot. just be sure not to go overboard, and flatter your bodytype by keeping the ruffles to places that you need filling-out to avoid looking too big in areas you don't want to call attention to.


Chanel (I really am loving KL this season...not that I don't always!)

  • Brad Pitt isn't the only stud you'll be seeing this fall. Metal spikes, leather, grommets and other bad-girl-biker-chic take a turn from accessories to outerwear and everything in between. When experimenting with this trend, keep the studs to one item, to avoid looking too punk-rock.

    Marc Jacobs


William Rast

Jean Paul Gaultier

Barbara Bui


  • You don't need diamonds to be a jewel. Designers bling everything from statement braclets to hems and collars. When wearing all this sparkle in your clothing, you can skip the jewelry. Want all the attention on you? Wear a jeweled yoke neckline with metallic pumps and pin your hair up and back with fancy bobby-pins. A girl has to have a little glammer every now and then, doesn't she?

    Marc Jacobs


  • Blumarine

  • What with the economy getting back on track, it's all about luxury. What is luxury? It's Royalty-inspired, it's furs (faux), it's a bold shoulder or necklace. It's rich fabrics like velvet, silk, and chiffon. And you don't need to buy Prada to take part in this trend. Go eco-chic and look in used-clothing stores for old fur-stoles and smoking jackets and try a little DIY!
  • Miu Miu - rich embroidery and embellishment

Marc Jacobs - silky skirt

Lanvin - the leaders in lux

Stay Tuned! More Fall Fashion Posts are on their way!

And sorry for the weird spacing and layout...I spent hours trying to correct it, but alas, I am no computer wizard!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

AE Made For Me

(read the title out rhymes!!) :)

I got this dress last week and wore it today...I don't like that it's American Eagle, so I'll probably see other people in it, but it's like it was MADE FOR ME. I just HAD TO HAVE IT. It is perfect. I have way too many navy striped things now much nautical goodness in my closet! I can't be stopped!! I guess that is my go-to look for summer though, so it's OK...right?
The model looks quite irked, doesn't she? I noticed she is kind of scowling on a lot of the pictures! Huh.

Close up detail of the straps (with navy ribbon)

The fabric has a silky look to it also that you can't really pick up in the picture

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Down By The Bay

Besides pink and green, or navy and red, or navy and white, turquoise and coral are my new favourite colour (that's the Canadian spelling) combo and trend for summer. Especially in accessories, dress in all white and the colours will really pop and look fresh!

Mix it with shells, coral, and other nautical icons, and you have an adorable look!

Turquoise Anchor Bangle from Plaza Too

Turquoise Shells Bangle
Turquoise Starfish Cocktail Ring

Turquoise Shell Necklace

Shell Clutch From Barney's

Coral and Turquoise Thong Sandal From Kate Spade

Coral and Gold Earings from Forzieri

Coral Nail Polish from Essie

Coral Necklace from Pretabeaute

Coral Pumps from Debenhams

Coral Jewel Thong Sandals from Piperlime

Coral Sweater from Old Navy

Coral Bow Top

Coral Shell Earings

Gold and Mint Shell Sandals

Monday, July 6, 2009

Apparently, Frumpy is Back.

One of the looks featured in MSN Sympatico's Fashion section for "Must Have Trends This Summer":

Please, people. For the love of fashion, do NOT do this. Dress you're size. NEVER double-cuff pants. Where is the flood? Seriously, this looks like the "Before" shot on a What Not To Wear.

Next thing we know, acid-wash jeans will be back. Oh wait - THEY ARE!

Behold, the evidence from none other than (They are also spandex!)

I just died a little inside.