Friday, May 2, 2008

Tommy Time!

So I went to my local Tommy Hilfiger (my new fave store!) and here is what I bought...ok, so what my dad bought for me. But in my defense, I totally offered to pay and since I got my first two pay cheques from my part-time job (serving coffee!) I could have. There were so many cute things there it took me forever to decided! In fact, my dad said that many people had come in, bought something, and left by the time I finally got out of the change room. But can you blame me? This is one of the only legit preppy stores around where I live. I might be going back soon though because there were some really really cute these pink and green madras burmuda shorts and matching skirt and dress. Not to mention all the argyle sweaters, polos, oxfords, and terry summer dresses! I am seriously going to buy that store out! I wish I could post pictures of the other things that I am considering buying, but they aren't on the website (I mentioned my reasoning on this issue in an earlier post I believe) so I can only show pics that I took of the things I actually brought home. The only thing is that I am so freaking small that I barely fit into the XS and size 0 is still big on me. Maybe I shrink them though? But I digress. What do you think of my finds?

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