Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Esprit Away!

Some cute stuff from Esprit :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Emily's Day Off!

So since my mom was gone today, I decided to explore my new town (FYI I moved to Dundas from Niagara On The Lake last summer). I must say, I was pleasently surprised! Downtown Dundas is similar to Old Town NOTL. There are a few boutiques I visited after getting an Iced Cappaccino from Timmy's. One of them was the same rare store they had in NOTL: Bark & Fitz! It is a designer doggy store with the cutest dog and cat accessories AND a full fancy doggy bakery! There was the cutest pink and green paisley dog collar and leash, but I only have a cat. One of the best finds this afternoon was this unique shop I found. I was loaded with beautiful and unique decorations, gifts, and everything from ceramic striped pots to velvet leopard-print hat boxes! I must go back there soon! And the best part is nothing was very expensive, but still great quality! I got three rolls of gingham ribbon in blue, pink, and yellow for only a buck each! I plan to use them in an upcoming sewing project (maybe a tote bag?) as soon as I get a trip to the fabric store from my mom!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter...?

Easter is one of my favourite holidays. I love the pastel colours of Easter and bunnies are my favourite animal. Spring is full of new beginings and of course there is the Christian aspect to it as well. Today we celebrated Easter on Saturday which consisted of my brother and sister coming over to visit and eat large amounts of turkey, mashed potatoes, peas, corn, and pumpkin pie. I, of course, ate imitation chicken strips (I am a vegetarian) which were very good, although my family tried them and thought them quite bland.

Today wasn't all happy though. I got a call from my dad this morning. His cat Max unexpectedly passed away this morning. It took us all by surprise. He was the must adorable and unique cat and we will all miss him terribly, as will his brother Biscuit to whom he was very close. The most heartbreaking part of it is that those two brothers always slept to gether and played and I don't know how Biscuit is going to go on without his brother. I feel badly for my dad too because he lives alone, apart from my brother living with him and those two cats were his pride and joy. Max was a member of the family and I feel a big empty hole inside of me already, even though I only saw him on the weekends. Nobody could have seen it coming either. He was a young cat and healthy. My dad told me on the phone yesturday that Max seemed to have a sore paw and was crying a lot, making weird noises and limping. We all thought that he had just bruised his toe or something, since they like to go in the cubbords sometimes and my dad commented that a jar of tomato sauce may have fallen over on his paw. But this morning he told me that he later looked into Max's eyes last night and one looked full of blood. He took him to the vet this morning and they told him that Max had a blood clot and would have to put down :( . It was sort of like a cat stroke. He took Max's body home and showed it to Biscuit so he would know what happened before burying him in the backyard on top of "his" Jeopardy box (he always lied on this Jeopardy board game box, so much that it sunk in in the middle and was cat shaped). I can't believe he is gone just like that. I thought he had a long and happy life ahead of him. RIP Maxwell Smart Nixon. :'(

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Suiting Up

Since swim-suit season is just around the corner, I will be presenting some of the most adorable bikinis that anyone would die to wear. Ok, so I lied. Swim-suit season being just around the corner is some of my wishful thinking, but hey, it can't hurt to hope. Besides, I'm sure most shopping fanatics like me have already started eyeing up the new suits displayed in your favourite stores, or have already bought one to take on vacation this past March Break (FYI March Break is a week we students get off in March in Canada). Or maybe you just bought it as a special kind of supersticious charm, so that maybe just maybe summer would come early. My favourite is naturally the one with the pink little argyle print and the banded waist bottoms. I have more pictures, but they're on my other computer so I'll add them later. :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cutest Buy of the Week!

I went shopping with my mother on Friday. Although I am broke right now, as said in my most previous post, this was the last thing I bought with my debit card. Now I really only have like $100 on it. I really don't like thinking about it (*shudders at the thought of no money*). However my mom asured me that it was a good buy and I have to agree. I bought two other things on the trip, but I decided that i wanted to share this one the most. It is a seersucker navy and white blazer from Old Navy, the first thing I have bought at Old Navy since that khaki trench coat last year. For some reason, on the online website (, it calls it a rail-road stripe blazer though. But I am telling you the truth, it said seersucker on the sign display. So the question I have to ask is this: are they the same thing? Please forgive my ignorance!

Decisions, decisions!

Despite the fact that I am completely broke and in dire need of a part-time job (if you didn't know, I'm not a grown-up so I don't have that steady a cash flow, apart from my allowance). One thing I am looking forward to buying once I DO get a job (probably serving coffee...but that's another story for another time) is a Vera Bradley bag. I saw some Vera bags on sale in a store in the mall called Neat Stuff. I thought they were really cute and had a nice softness to them. One plus is that I don't think anyone else my age will have one, since most people are more into Guess bags (although I too am guilty of coveting them). I just hope they still carry the bags when I go back there. Which will be eventually. Hopefully. Anyhow. I have to decide between two patterns. So, if you will, which should I get? The cute elephant print or the pink and green paisley?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Argyle...Come Here Boy!

Since March Break is here for me, and one can only go on facebook so many times per day, I will most likely be posting here more often. Luckily, I saved a bunch of super cute pictures of clothing and accessories so I have lots of stuff to talk to you about.

Because we all just lost an hour of our day and must be severely bummed about it, today I am going to talk about something that makes me really happy: argyle. Lately I have become quite obessesed with this pattern. I love it in sweaters, love it in socks. I love it in purses, and...well I can't think of anything that rhymes with "socks" so I'll just leave it at that for now. If you were wondering what's up with the title, it's because my aunt and uncle have a dog named Argyle. I have no idea why they named him this, but now that I am old enough to appreciate argyle (the pattern), I think it's a really cute name for a dog!

This is the cutest new cardigan from J.Crew in argyle. I mean, there are plenty of cute argyle sweaters out there (many of them in my closet), but since I already own a purpley pink argyle sweater vest, a grey and purple argyle shrunken cardi, and a purple argyle mini dress, I figured it was time to move on. So I've been looking for something in another colour. And I think this is just perfect. It could only be better if it was pink and green. But I do love a good light blue! :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Go Preppy For The Cure

Since we all know that helping others not only changes the world, but makes us feel good too, it's easy to see why Ralph Lauren came out with their exclusive cotton polo shirts with the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer logo. And when looking cute helps women in need, well that is certainly something worth shopping for! My favourite colours for the polo are light blue and summery yellow.