Thursday, June 26, 2008

Desperately Seeking Summer

Yay I'm back! OK, so I really didn't go anywhere I've just been too bored and lazy to post anything. Which is strange, because you'd think that if I was so bored I would have wanted to do something. All I've really been doing is taking advantage of my first few days off of school (yes, it's that time again: summer vacation!) by sleeping, waking up, eating, then sleeping again until about noon. I know this seems very sloth-like, but hey, I deserve it don't I for working so hard all year? Don't I? Yes, of course I do. After sleeping so long today that I'm surprised I didn't get bedsores, I felt guilty and decided to do some house cleaning. I'm even doing a load of laundry (don't tell my mom...I'm still waiting to see how it all turns out). Have you ever noticed that no matter how lazy you are, starting to do some serious cleaning around your home gets kind of addictive and is even energizing? Like, once you get going, it's easier and you just keep on going and going until you feel weak and light-headed and have to stop to have a toasted bagel with cream cheese and a glass of cool juice. But I digress. I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far and enjoying the hot-hot weather (even if your way of enjoying it is staying inside blasting the air-conditioning like me)!


Little Bow Prep said...

Yes, you definitely do deserve a break! I wish I was motivated enough to do house cleaning, but I must say that cleaning does give me a “natural high”! Hope your summer is amazing!

P.S. I love the play on the Gossip Girl title. :)

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