Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Preppy Profile: Reese's Pieces

I have been a big fan of Reese Witherspoon since I first saw the movie Legally Blonde. Admit it, you've seen the movie and love it too. But reesently (haha typo intended) I have seen and admired her style as well as her talent on camera. This outfit (above; blue oxford, white trousers and blue sash belt) is fresh, crisp, and classic. The kind of look that will never go out of style because no one wants it to. Of course, there is her critically acclaimed and all around ah-dorable yellow dress she wore a while back while sporting her tres popular bangs and stunning red carpet pose (the whole legs crossing thing is always a good choice). Below is Reese wearing everyone's favourite logo: The Pink Pony. And this post just would not be complete without special "props" to the perfect presidential "Clinton Worthy" pink outfit from LB2. If Reese (Elle) can't pull it off, nobody can!