Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Suiting Up

Since swim-suit season is just around the corner, I will be presenting some of the most adorable bikinis that anyone would die to wear. Ok, so I lied. Swim-suit season being just around the corner is some of my wishful thinking, but hey, it can't hurt to hope. Besides, I'm sure most shopping fanatics like me have already started eyeing up the new suits displayed in your favourite stores, or have already bought one to take on vacation this past March Break (FYI March Break is a week we students get off in March in Canada). Or maybe you just bought it as a special kind of supersticious charm, so that maybe just maybe summer would come early. My favourite is naturally the one with the pink little argyle print and the banded waist bottoms. I have more pictures, but they're on my other computer so I'll add them later. :)


Ashley said...

ooh where are those suits from?

Ashley said...

ps.. cool blog!

Emily said...

thank you! Ugh I can't remember the website! I've spent 20 minutes searching for it but if I find it I'll let you know! :)