Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cutest Buy of the Week!

I went shopping with my mother on Friday. Although I am broke right now, as said in my most previous post, this was the last thing I bought with my debit card. Now I really only have like $100 on it. I really don't like thinking about it (*shudders at the thought of no money*). However my mom asured me that it was a good buy and I have to agree. I bought two other things on the trip, but I decided that i wanted to share this one the most. It is a seersucker navy and white blazer from Old Navy, the first thing I have bought at Old Navy since that khaki trench coat last year. For some reason, on the online website (, it calls it a rail-road stripe blazer though. But I am telling you the truth, it said seersucker on the sign display. So the question I have to ask is this: are they the same thing? Please forgive my ignorance!

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