Sunday, March 16, 2008

Decisions, decisions!

Despite the fact that I am completely broke and in dire need of a part-time job (if you didn't know, I'm not a grown-up so I don't have that steady a cash flow, apart from my allowance). One thing I am looking forward to buying once I DO get a job (probably serving coffee...but that's another story for another time) is a Vera Bradley bag. I saw some Vera bags on sale in a store in the mall called Neat Stuff. I thought they were really cute and had a nice softness to them. One plus is that I don't think anyone else my age will have one, since most people are more into Guess bags (although I too am guilty of coveting them). I just hope they still carry the bags when I go back there. Which will be eventually. Hopefully. Anyhow. I have to decide between two patterns. So, if you will, which should I get? The cute elephant print or the pink and green paisley?

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