Monday, March 24, 2008

Emily's Day Off!

So since my mom was gone today, I decided to explore my new town (FYI I moved to Dundas from Niagara On The Lake last summer). I must say, I was pleasently surprised! Downtown Dundas is similar to Old Town NOTL. There are a few boutiques I visited after getting an Iced Cappaccino from Timmy's. One of them was the same rare store they had in NOTL: Bark & Fitz! It is a designer doggy store with the cutest dog and cat accessories AND a full fancy doggy bakery! There was the cutest pink and green paisley dog collar and leash, but I only have a cat. One of the best finds this afternoon was this unique shop I found. I was loaded with beautiful and unique decorations, gifts, and everything from ceramic striped pots to velvet leopard-print hat boxes! I must go back there soon! And the best part is nothing was very expensive, but still great quality! I got three rolls of gingham ribbon in blue, pink, and yellow for only a buck each! I plan to use them in an upcoming sewing project (maybe a tote bag?) as soon as I get a trip to the fabric store from my mom!

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