Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who Gossips with You will Gossip of You

So they say, but you won't gossip about me will you? Unless it's something truly juicy. But the real gossip I have is the amazing Gossip Girl fashion! I don't watch this show on account of me always forgetting or being too busy to catch a TV show every week at a certain time. And now I can't start watching it because this is one of those shows that you have to follow the whole time because there is a shocking plot twist in every episode. I will, however, buy or at least rent the first season when it comes out (by the way does anyone know when that is?). But for now I am admiring the cute wardrobe from pictures I found on the web and other people's blogs. I am also taking inspiration from them and plan to model my fall wardrobe after some of the cuteness that is Blair, Serena, and Jenny's outfits!

The following is a commentary by My Preppy Pink Polo:

Don't you just love Blair's outfit here? I'm really into the blazer and headband!

Here Serena models the appropriate way to wear menswear without looking frumpy

Blair's outfit here reminds me of a younger Charlotte with the shift dress in a pretty print and of course matching headband

Blair's outfit here is a little over the top (though aren't we all at times?) it reminds me of a hookerish maid/victorian countess. Jenny has on a cute houndstooth cropped jacket which I like

This is really girly and sweet. Love how she layered the different textures but managed to look like something out of "I just threw this on" magazine

Both friends here are sporting some preppy basics mixed with thier own personal style

I especially love Blair's blazer and her shoes and bag

This is one of my favourite Blair outfits on record because this says everything I love about style: argyle, oxfords, headbands, and ah-dorable minis

This another one of my faves...I think red and black or navy are going to be huge this fall I am seeing these white piped jackets everywhere (a post about that coming soon!)

This gang of girls is totally fab! Love their colourful pastel coats and headbands! Each girl looks colourful and sweet like a little doll (in designer duds, that is)

Next post will be how to capture each girl's fabulous style with your own taste (and budget!)

You know you want to comment (;P), XOXO MPPP


Muffy said...

The first season came out on Aug 19! I would rent, not buy, it retails for $60!!!! What a scandal! Love your choices. Blair is so chic!

Little Bow Prep said...

Gossip Girl style is definitely awesom. Great picks!

Clara Belle said...

Gossip girl is like a fashion bible!
By the way, love your blog and you've been added to my favorites list!

adozeneggs said...

Muffy, you can download the whole season on itunes for $35, or just each episode for $1.99.
Hope you're feeling better MPPP!
Good luck with the Cosmo Trivia Giveaway!!