Thursday, September 25, 2008

My New Skirt!

My latest sewing project! A Lilly inspired wrap-around skirt that I guess I made a little too late (seeing as it's fall now!). But I liked the the pattern (and who can resist a good cotton print?) and I wanted to try out this pattern. I had to alter it a bit because I wanted it shorter and luckily it's a wrap-around because I can NEVER find clothing patterns that fit a tiny size like me! What do you think? (And I know it looks sort of wrikley but I was so excited to show it off...and the pictures are really cruddy...
perfect with a white pique polo!

Eww why does my room and mirror look so awful in this?

As you can (kind of) see, it even has a bow! And will hopefully give me an illusion of curves.

Gosh, this is embarassing. I Must stop. Or find someone to take the picure. Up and out.