Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bows, Bags, Bottles, and Whymypreppypinkpolohastheshakes

Firstly, my recent trip to Sherway Gardens wasn't a complete waste. I did end up buying two things (although they ended up being from the second store I went into (the first was Holt Renfrew). What I did buy was this:

Two little headbands like these (because for some reason the website doesn't have an actual picture of my cute little bands). Except they were metallic purple and black with cute little bows on them... Blair Waldorf eat your heart out! *

And this adorable tweed purple bag (which also has pink and turquoise/silver sewn into it). I have decided that my fall wardrobe will also include rich colours like berries, purple, turquoise and, of course, pink.

I actually have a (sort of) funny story about this whole purple obsession of mine. OK. So what I was wearing that day was: my grey and purple argyle fitted/cropped cami, lavender short-sleeve button up, jeans, and my new mocs (which I must post!). I picked up this bag and thought it was the most adorable and perfect cozy-fallish-wintery bag ever. But I didn't buy it. Three or four hours later we made it back to the store and that's when I purchased it and the headbands. My father made a remark about how well it matched my current outfit and I beamed and said: "Purple is hot this season!". Later that evening...I was at Chapters (sipping a tall vanilla latte) and picking out a yoga mat (which, surprisingly enough, Chapters does have.). There were no pink and green ones, so I chose the purple one. I felt a bit of a fool because now I was carrying my new purple bag and buying this. When I went to the cashier, she said " that goes with your outfit!" or something to that effect and I replied, "Thanks...". The moral of the story is: If you have a theme to your outfit (no matter how adorable), be prepared for people to notice!

Secondly, I just finished my shift at Timmies. I drank a coffee there. I hadn't had much caffeine for months, due to the fact that I was sick in the hospital. Then, I bought a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper for the short walk home. More caffeine. Which reminds me; does anyone know what happened to Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper? It was amazing! But I digress. All in all, that is why I now have the shakes. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

* Please excuse my rambling and long post, which used a large amount of brackets and chit-chat completely off topic. This is how My Preppy Pink Polo gets when she downs too much caffeine.

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I love purple accessories!