Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get That GG

Style, that is! Here are the "must haves" for each girl and how to copy their style on a budget!

Blair: feminine meets nautical prep
  • prep-school blazers

  • go to colours are a patriotic red white and blue
  • girly headbands
  • bows

  • textured and coloured tights

  • mini dresses with feminine details (cute prints, frilly details, flowers, victorian inspiration)

  • classy accessorise (*sp?)

  • pops of red or yellow!

  • oxfords and shirts with collars (take a cue from the men, ladies!)

  • nautical inspiration

  • flats and handbags

Serena: Laid-back menswear

  • go to colours are grey, worn blue, and rusty brown

  • boyfriend cardigans and vests in neutral colours

  • simple white cotton tops

  • denim
  • trendy shoes (nothing too sweet)

  • plaid school kilt (all about town!)

  • chocolate brown leather (jackets and bags)
  • mens tie

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