Monday, August 24, 2009

Confessions of a Fashionista: Volume II

If I was to post everything I have bought in the past month, I would probably run out of room in my blog. I know I'm supposed to be "saving" money since I quit my job at the coffee shop, but spending two weeks at my dads...what am I supposed to do? Answer: Starbucks and shopping. Every day. My two favourite things! That said, here are a few purchases I made last week and things that I have made (not including the stuff I bought on my trip to Montreal...or the mall last week...I know. I have a problem)

Skirt I made a long while back but never photographed...found this Lilly skirt that looks kinda like it...stealing my designs??
Lilly skirt:

My skirt! (Except mine is wrap-around and ties with a bow!)
New Boy-Friend Blazer!
Navy Shoulder-Strap Purse - Vintage (I added the button - it is gold and has an anchor!)
Vintage Scarf - fun silky scarf I found! I am going to wear it for fall or use it in a new sewing project.
Pink and White Houndstooth Fabric I found in a thrift store (the fabric is brand-new though and I got a great deal!)

It is SO cute in person! I am going to make either a skirt, jacket, or a tailored dress a la Elle Woods! Plus I bought some wide black elastic, zipper, sew-on jewels, etc. for some more projects I am working on (will update when I'm done!)

"Muffy Wants Her Scarf Back" scarf I bought from Etsy...looks so adorable tied in a bow on your bag or around the neck (tied or untied)
Book - "Fashion Show"

It has bios on all the great fashion designers...

...and fashion history!
New Sophie Kinsella book - I haven't finished it yet, but it doesn't compare to the Shopaholic series
New School Supplies - Moleskine blank notebooks, and grosgrain ribbon journal, mini tin, magnetic list, sticky notes, and pencils! All (except the notebooks) from Michaels Craft Store from the new "Preppy Collection"! So cute!
Not sure you can see, but it says "Preppy Collection" on the back


Headbands and Hand Bags said...

You creative girl! I like your skirt better than the Lilly! It will be fun to see what you make with the fun houndstooth you found!

Prep in the country said...

I love the stationary. I wish i had the creativity you do.

Kate said...

I just bought a whole bunch of that preppy collection for Michaels. So cute!

Is that your ironing board cover that is pink and green?

I have that blazer on my wishlist!

Emily said...

Kate: Yep! That's my ironing board cover I bought to match my room! :)

Little Bow Prep said...

Cute preppy items!

I adore pink houndstooth!