Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fall 09 Fashion Forecast

What's Hot This Fall/Winter:
  • As always, black and white is classic chic. While being paired with pink and feminine details like bows, meet your new go-to colour combo for the chilly months. Be inspired by Chanel and Louis Vuitton and mix sweetness with boy-meets-girl basics.


Louis Vuitton (their handbags aren't the only thing to love! Lots of bows an girly goodness this season...Blair Waldorf would be proud!)

  • All ruffled up? It's true. Ruffles are H-O-T hot. just be sure not to go overboard, and flatter your bodytype by keeping the ruffles to places that you need filling-out to avoid looking too big in areas you don't want to call attention to.


Chanel (I really am loving KL this season...not that I don't always!)

  • Brad Pitt isn't the only stud you'll be seeing this fall. Metal spikes, leather, grommets and other bad-girl-biker-chic take a turn from accessories to outerwear and everything in between. When experimenting with this trend, keep the studs to one item, to avoid looking too punk-rock.

    Marc Jacobs


William Rast

Jean Paul Gaultier

Barbara Bui


  • You don't need diamonds to be a jewel. Designers bling everything from statement braclets to hems and collars. When wearing all this sparkle in your clothing, you can skip the jewelry. Want all the attention on you? Wear a jeweled yoke neckline with metallic pumps and pin your hair up and back with fancy bobby-pins. A girl has to have a little glammer every now and then, doesn't she?

    Marc Jacobs


  • Blumarine

  • What with the economy getting back on track, it's all about luxury. What is luxury? It's Royalty-inspired, it's furs (faux), it's a bold shoulder or necklace. It's rich fabrics like velvet, silk, and chiffon. And you don't need to buy Prada to take part in this trend. Go eco-chic and look in used-clothing stores for old fur-stoles and smoking jackets and try a little DIY!
  • Miu Miu - rich embroidery and embellishment

Marc Jacobs - silky skirt

Lanvin - the leaders in lux

Stay Tuned! More Fall Fashion Posts are on their way!

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