Thursday, June 18, 2009

Suit-loose and School-free!

Well, I have officially finished my last exam! That's right, school is o-u-t. Except for a week from now when we get our marks...but anyway!

Let's celebrate summer with a look at some of the cutest (in my oppinion) swimsuits!
Yes, I am one of those people who loves swimsuit shopping (and then starts hating it when everything is too big for her) but who can hate swimsuit shopping when they are so delightful this year?

Burberry plaid one-piece

Burberry bikini in black and grey

D&G anchor-print bikini

Juicy Couture shirred ruffle-bottom

Lilly "brooke shields" bikini

Lilly seersucker green sting-bikini with pink ruffles

Micheal Kors polka-dot retro suit ( I think I posted this before in my MK post, but it is too fabulous not to post again )

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren pony-print
This isn't technically a swimsuit, but it is a cover-up...and so darn cute! I would wear it as a summer dress on and off the beach!


Little Bow Prep said...

I like the anchor ones! I've always been a fan of that Lilly one too!

Kappa Prep said...

I love the Burberry one piece. I actually have the two piece, but for some odd reason prefer a bit more coverage most of the time now.