Friday, April 17, 2009

My New Diet

Definitely not weight loss...more like weight dollar at a time that is...

That's right, I'm on a spending diet.

It all started with me getting my T4 or whatever it is that tells you how much you made last year. Then, I compared it to how much I have now. Plus what I've made this year, there is some room for improvement. Where did it all go?? I don't have bills, rent, or gas to pay for. Even my phone bill is covered by my dad. Hmm. Mystery? Maybe not. Turns out, that coffee you buy everyday, those magazines you buy every month (cover price, mind you, for some reason I'm too stupid to actually subscribe and save myself a bundle), make-up, clothes, energy drinks etc. really add up after a while. So I vowed to myself to better watch my spending.

  1. Save coffee money by getting up 10 minutes earlier to make my own (I did buy that nice thermos for that purpose, might as well make use of this "investment")
  2. Eat packed lunch, opposed to throwing out unappetizing sandwich and buying lunch/snacks.
  3. Get as much free stuff as possible. (Helping myself to raspberry tarts/Diet Cokes from the mini fridge at my Co-op)
  4. Monitor mindless spending on things I don't really need.
  5. Finally subscribe to the 10 magazines I buy every month anyway.

With these goals, I hope to better fill my bank account, and therefore my closet for this summer, and the future (student loans ugh I CAN wait for those).

Let's see how it's going now, shall we?

DAY ONE: Goal achieved! Not one penny spent!

DAY TWO: Coffee I made tastes bland in comparison to Starbucks but I down it anyway for the caffeine rush. Afternoon snack needed when stomach starts rumbling. No access to free food. One fudgesicle purchased from corner store ($2.00). Frozen snack tastes like frozen crap: freezer burn, ice caked on the outside, goopy=gross. Thrown in the bin. Medium coffee half french vanilla bought from Tim Horton's (about $2.00). Went to art supply store: bought nice new quality pencil crayons (about $29.00)...used gift card! Only ended up paying $4.50 or something.

Total: about $8.50

Screw it. This is t0o hard. Day two and I'm already failing. I give up.



Her Preppiness said...

Good for you!! It is hard to save money!!!! I know that you will succeed.

Chanel Fashionista said...

lol this sounds like Confessions of a Shopaholic :)

Little Bow Prep said...

I'm quite lucky. My parents pay for everything. Though, they won't buy magazines. They say it's a wast of time :(

Subscribing to magazines sounds like a good idea since you buy them anyway.

Oh dear don't give up!

Emily said...

My dad will buy me most things, I'm just trying to become more independent I suppose, since I'll be off to university in a little over a year!

Pink Flamingo said...

Saving is hard, but you can do it. Hang in there!