Monday, August 4, 2008

Home is Where the Heart is

It is also where I am right now, but only for a few more hours. I got to go home for Sunday and Monday, but back to the hospital tonight again. It was nice to get out for a while though and I went shopping with my mother (she needed a ton of new clothes and I'm always for shopping). As my mother proclaims about herself "I hate shopping!", though she can spend more time in one store than I can spend reading blogs. For someone who detests shopping, she sure can shop. But she really did need a few new things. Her wardrobe is nothing to talk about, but now it is improved slightly with my help. I only bought a few things, seeing as I am out of work for a while (aren't you proud of me?!).

This adorable pleated pink and white seersucker-stripes clutch (it looks so much brighter and cuter in person, trust me

Sweet American Eagle Favourite Striped Shirt in light yellow with blue and white stipes (again, this picture looks washed out but it is really the cutest oxford ever!)

American Eagle Tie-Front Blouse I bought a little while ago but never talked about (planning on doing a post on this trend later) Love this I button it up all the way and tie it in a big bow: so cute tucked into jeans or with a white skirt and tights (very Blair Waldorf)

Then I also bought a beige coloured button-up blouse with feminine details and a pink and beige argyle shrunken vest from Costa Blanca (they don't have pictures). I know. I have a real problem. An argyle addiction if you will. This is the second argyle sweater I have bought from Costa Blanca (a grey and purple one and a lavender blouse to go under). Not to mention the mini sweater dress I bought from there too (also purple and burgendy). And the pink and purple argyle sweater vest I bought from Esprit (which now I think of it I have never actually worn in public since I saw a teacher at my school wearing it). And my yellow polo with argyle pattern on chest from Tommy Hilfiger. Plus all my argyle socks (but those don't count, do they?). Yes. A real problem. Is there an argyle-aholics annonymous?

On reflection, I realized that nearly everything I bought has buttons and stripes. Must be a phase. But these things never go out of style do they? No, as the saleslady at Costa assured me, my argyle addiction is ok too because this is a classic pattern. Just a little worried that people will think I wear the same thing (they are all kind of purple or pink) all the time.


Muffy said...

Very cute!!!

tickledpink said...

I love the tie front blouse! If you are an argyle lover too then you might want to head to Target. I was just there and they had argyle pens in the dollar section. They are fat, bulky with the cap on pens. Does that make sense? I wanted to buy several! Glad you were able to get out and about for awhile. I know how it is stuck in a stark white hospital room. Hope you start to feel better soon!

Kate said...

The tie front blouse is so cute!

Emily said...


please invite me to your blog I would love to read it

Little Bow Prep said...

I love the clutch!

I have the same oxford :)

JG said...

lovely oxford :)

Little Bow Prep said...

I am so so so terribly sorry. I didn't get your message about a GG post until after I posted mine.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

My mom hates shopping too and I love nothing more. I think I must have been adopted and it's a big family secret?