Thursday, April 10, 2008

Preppy Profile: Taylor Townsend

I don't know if anyone remembers the uber-preppy Taylor Townsend from the popular TV show the OC...but she's one of my alltime favourite characters! Here is a little cheers to the high-strung yet perky Taylor!

A typical Taylor outfit. She's got her pearls, her polo, her cable-knit sweater. She looks cute and put together to say the least. She is quite funny though!

Ryan Atwood: Taylor?
Taylor Townsend: Yeah.
Ryan Atwood: What are you doing tonight?
Taylor Townsend: Oh, I'm updating my blog. It's a kind of Felicity by way of Anaïs Nin, the erotic memoirs of soulful college girl...
Ryan Atwood: Taylor, tonight, what are you doing?
Taylor Townsend: Oh. Blog schmog.
Ryan Atwood: Is that a yes?
Taylor Townsend: Yes! It is a yes squared, in all caps, with an exclamation mark and a smiley-faced emoticon.

Summer Roberts: Taylor, you got married!
Taylor Townsend: It was Paris. It seemed like the thing to do.

Taylor Townsend: Getting a man is like capturing a wily silverback gorilla in the Ugandan highlands. You see, nature is telling the gorilla to stay in the wild, but both you and I know that that gorilla would be much happier back in the zoo on a normal feeding schedule. But sometimes he's just gotta roar and beat his chest before he'll let you shoot him with a tranq dart.


Kate said...

Love the blog quote!

Anonymous said...

I was not really a fan of the show when her character was on it. But I remember watching a few episodes with my sister who is a fan and I loved all the clothes Taylor wore.

Emily said...

I'll admit, not the preppiest show but it is very addictive and I love it! She always looked cute and put together which is what I loved about her.