Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bonanno Bomb: My Secret Shame

I have recently noticed that almost every other person in the preppy blogging community has made some sort of reference to their Bonanno collection and expressed their exitement of the up-coming $20 off summer sale. But the sad thing is...I have none. There. You know my deep dark secret. Infact, since I don't have my own credit card (*ahem* since I'm still in highschool...don't judge) I have never ordered anything online myself. Although now that I have my own part-time job, I think that I could maybe get my dad to order me things online since I have the money to pay him back now. He did order me these adorable bunny slippers from http://www.onlyslippers.com/ for Christmas. And now maybe I can finally get some cute new stuff from J.Crew and all those awesome preppy sites! I am dying to get some belts, bags, and stuff from Palm Gifts, Bonanno, Three Chickadees etc. Soon to come: My Preppy Accessory Picks!


lisagh said...

You should see if you can set up a PayPal account for yourself. That way, you won't need a credit card and you can order from many of the sites you mentioned.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Very cute! And I only bought my first pair of Bonannos this year. But the website is addicting! Also, if you are crafty, try making some of your own fun accessories. I make ribbon belts and headbands all the time when I want a new addition to any outfit.

Emily said...

Great ideas! I definately want to make some of my own stuff!