Monday, December 28, 2009


Two more days!

While you have all been dusting off your dancing shoes (does anyone actually have dancing shoes?) in preparation for the big 2010 celebration/begining of a new decade...I have been taking my life apart and putting it all into boxes. That's right, on December 30th 2009 we will be moving into a new house. If you have ever moved (this is the THIRD time for me FYI) you know that it is a GIANT hassle to say the least. I have never sneezed this much before from all the dust I'm turning up. And while I'm supposed to be relaxing on this my final Winter Break of high school, I am stuck at home packing and cleaning.

Please forgive me for not posting more often, but now I think you can understand part of the reason. :)

So don't abandon me yet, bloggers! I will be back to dish on all the fabulous things I have bought and aquired since we last talked soon stay tuned!


Holly said...

aw I hope your move goes well!

CRICKET said...

It pretty much stinks! I have a big move ahead this year and I am dreading all the work.