Monday, October 13, 2008


So I've been very busy, what with school, work, and trying to have some sort of a social life. You can let me have it. I've been a very bad blogger. But I promise that I have some extra good posts on fall fashion coming up in the near (hopefully) future so please don't desert me yet! One thing I have to say is that living as an only childin her mid-teens with her mother makes for a very poor Thanksgiving. I worked Sunday and today, and have not done anything remotely Thanksgiving-ish all weekend. My holidays are falling apart. "Have you had your turkey dinner yet?" (I am asked by people at work). "No." For one thing, my grandmother is hosting it this week (hopefully I will be able to attend), and another thing is that I don't eat turkey; being a vegetarian. Perhaps I will enjoy a nice tofurky? Perhaps not.

(Yes, this hamster is enjoying a nice cube of tofu)

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Little Bow Prep said...

Cute pic. I don't eat meat unless forced to by my parents. (Although, I must admit, I am a HUGE fan of seafood.) I definitely love tofu though.