Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cutsey Shoes Pink

The website Cutesy Girl has the cutest designer shoes for the lowest prices! In honor of this website, which I have just discovered and has clothes and accessories too, I will be doing several posts according to colours! There are just so many things right about these light pink pointy toed heels with the little bow and the patent point and the quilting effect.

These second bright pink ones are a little barbie, but a lot of fun! Think Legally Blonde. A lot of glam and for when you're feeling bold and adventurous. The fake jewels are playful but not cheesy.
These pink and green shoes are just to die for! They are plaid and princess and not a bit bad! They have a colourful funky plain fabric design that is cute, fun, and unique. They have a Mary Jane styled strap with a not too high 3 inch heel.

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